Kitchen Decorations

Kitchen design according to Feng Shui

Kitchen design according to Feng Shui

ein montanatisch in der küchengestaltung

The dining room is the place where we take food and convert it into energy. The better this energy is the more strength and zest for life you have. Unfortunately, the current times and the hectic lifestyle bring with them fast food. We no longer find the time to cook the dishes ourselves for every social event, and the dishes lose their original meaning. The dining tables often have several functions and are crammed with papers, magazines, letters, and the worst-case – advertising brochures.

In the dining room, you sometimes leave books on the table

moderne Küchengestaltung nach Fun Shui
The Chinese appreciate kitchen design based on Feng Shui because the table is the center of their wealth. Often, a mirror is placed over the tables so that the amount of food on the table can visually multiply and increase the family’s wealth. But we’re not just looking at China. Still, we need to recognize the importance of peace and quiet during meals to our health. It is necessary that we are not distracted during meals, and the dining room should be a place where the clock can at least temporarily run for a while.

Relax in the dining room

angenehme Ruhe in der Küchengestaltung
Which colors and materials to choose
IWeneed to strengthen our peace and quiet Filling space with harmonious and peaceful energy. For example, the design metal table with a glass top will not force us to stay longer than necessary in our hectic world.
The element earth belongs to the digestion of food and the conversion of environmental energy (stomach and spleen) and iall colors of the country support it Therefore, these color combinations are really the right choice – from warm yellow tones to terracotta and beige to brown in color. The dining room must be bright enough. The light should also be placed above the desk to illuminate the dishes well. Your kitchen design should appear calm and warm, and if this is not the case, you should make sure that the temperature in the room is at least comfortable.

Light colors according to Feng Shui

helle küchengestaltung
Warmth in the dining room
If you want to increase the feeling of warmth in the dining room, you can use small, indirect lighting with a soft yellow light. The healthy yang-living energy we also get with good lighting also enlarges burning candles, metal cutlery, and living flowers. Conversely, if you want to strengthen the slow flow of Yin energy, place a tablecloth, placemat, or napkin made of cotton on the table as a decoration.

More light for a warmer atmosphere

Licht für wärmere Atmosphäre in der Küchengestaltung
Where and how to sit
If we choose a chair, it should certainly be comfortable and well padded. The high backrest ensures stability and a feeling of security, while the armrests increase overall seating comfort. Chairs with rounded shapes that do not have sharp edges and are absolutely stable are preferred. Beware of advanced materials, for example, the transparent plastic does not bring good energy. The effects of a “non-existent” chair can create feelings of insecurity that can later be carried over to life. When you are sitting at the table, it is good if there are no sharp furniture corners or walls facing you. If so, put a living flower, lamp, or another nonviolent obstacle that will stop or slow the keen energy.
Here, too, as in every meeting, it is preferable to have your back covered. So when you have visitors, seat your guests so that their back is against a wall and they can see the room and the door.

View of the free space

Blick auf Wela Astnuss Esszimmer in der Küchengestaltung

Now you can enjoy a few photos of dining rooms designed according to Feng Shui:

The corner bench provides more air in the room

moderne Stühle nach Feng Shui in der Küchengestaltung

Esszimmer im schwartz und weiß

ein rundes tisch im esszimmer

rogerio maranhao und esszimmerdesign

feng shui im hellen esszimmer

musterring und esszimmerdesign

neuer asiatischer stil

minimalistische möbel für esszimmer nach feng shui

einrichtung im esszimmer nach feng shui

fung shui und luxus im esszimmer

grün im esszimmer nach feng shui

riesiges esszimmer nach feng shui

feng shui im esszimmer zuhause

feng shui und der perfekte minimalismus

feng shui küche und holz

feng shui in hamburg - esszimmer

eine helle feng shui küche

interessante einrchtung im esszimmer

keine Stühle an den Ecken für Glück

helle farbige ideen nach feng shui

asiatischer esszimmer nach feng shui

esszimmer in weiß nach feng shui

esszimmer von floria nuhl nach feng shui

massivholz im esszimer nach feng shui

direktes licht nach feng shui im esszimmer

schönes helles esszimmer

esszimmer in denmark nach feng shui

luster hilft nach feng shui einzurichten

indirektes licht im esszimmernach feng shui

Esszimmer mit grünen Akzenten

schwarze möbel im esszimmer

esszimmer und holz nach feng shui

 betonoptik im esszimmer nach feng shui

tisch ohne ecken nach feng shui

pasteltöne im esszimmer nach feng shui

farbeharmonie im esszimmer nach feng shui

retroesszimmer mit grünen stühlen nach feng shui

feng shui empfehlt grüne wände im esszimmer

braune farben im esszimmer nach feng shui

pflanzen auf dem tisch im esszimmer nach feng shui

esstisch ohne scharfe ecken nach feng shui

ein elegantes esszimmer nach feng shui

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