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Kitchen design ideas – 10 current trends for kitchens 2014

attractive kitchen interior open wall shelves

Kitchen design ideas – 10 interesting interior suggestions

Are you interested in trends? Is the kitchen the heart of your home? Then you belong to the people for whom this article is with Kitchen design ideas is meant today. Here they are: Trends for Kitchens 2014!

Blue decor for the modern kitchen

kitchen with blue furnishings

1. Background in glaring nuances

kitchen design ideas stark colors

Even in the most minimalist kitchen should be a bright and bold color spot.

  1. Metallic elements

kitchen design ideas interior metal elements

These must be as well. That can easily work, with some kitchen appliances.

  1. Cladding with natural materials

kitchen design ideas design with nature elements

This idea is almost always appropriate. Terracotta or brick bricks are a wonderful choice in this case.

  1. Compact corner fittings

kitchen ideas kitchen design corner decoration

As a workspace, the corner solutions in 2014 will be great. They are very comfortable and ergonomic. The style is not so essential.

  1. Monochrome versions

kitchen design ideas current trends

The simple and now classic Scandinavian style with its simple shapes is now totally in.

  1. Free lighting

kitchen design ideas the lighting

In recent years, lights have been introduced repeatedly under the kitchen cabinets. Now it is like that, that you light up the kitchen by nice watching lamps.

  1. blue

kitchen design blue interior

This color is again very trendy in the kitchen. You can insert these in the form of the background, accessories and pieces of furniture.

  1. Closer to nature

modern natural kitchen equipment ideas

We have already mentioned that dressing the walls with natural materials is very trendy. The furniture and the ceiling should be in 2014, if you really want to be fashionable.

  1. Black surfaces

black elements in the kitchen interior

Black worktops made of granite or quartz are also in great demand. They look great in every kitchen. This trend, as well as the simple lines, is not new, but it is becoming more and more popular as the years go by.

  1. Open shelves

kitchen interior with open shelves

Why do you have to hide the beautiful dishes? Let this please your eyes. This approach to decoration is super trendy!

Inspiring design of open kitchen shelves

modern kitchen with open shelves

Cozy kitchen interior with open shelves

kitchen with open shelves ideas

Modern and elegant kitchen design

modern kitchen design with open wall shelves


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