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Kitchen equipment in trendy black

Do you want to furnish your kitchen in black? Here are some trendy ideas

Despite the many designer innovations from recent years, many stereotypes still prevail in this area. Basically, you choose the white color as the most suitable for kitchen equipment. This assumption is reinforced even more by the fact that we often deal with small premises.

It would be a pity to turn a blind eye to the possibility what black kitchen furnishing ideas offer , close. On the other hand, we would like to do something. And although we now show you some black kitchen facilities!

Black works well with natural light

Kitchen equipment and design in black

Before we start with the concrete ideas, we want to address the topic of natural light. In a room with black kitchen furnishings, this theme must be abundant. This is a mandatory requirement for the success of your design. The kitchen should look either to the terrace or to the garden. A wall should have large windows or, ideally, be completely made of glass.

As soon as this condition is right, the size of the kitchen is not so crucial. Because even a small room looking out through a transparent wall would look wide.

Do you have a bright kitchen? Let’s look at the different possibilities together.

Black with shine

We experience black at its best, when it comes to mirror surfaces and decorative-looking objects combined in metallic. Integrate here and there elements of light wood for more warmth.

Set contrasts through a bright kitchen island

black kitchen interior with white kitchen island

The kitchen island retains its popularity not only because of the functional side. With it you can make a wonderful contrast to the dominant black background. It would be best done in a light color. That would be one option, but maybe you can still use this kitchen island in light wood. Put on the glossy surfaces to emphasize the juxtaposition even more.

Kitchen equipment with stainless steel and chrome

Kitchen design in black color

If you have decided in your kitchen for dark color, such as black, then you can set accents in the room with stainless steel and chrome. Here you can combine the functional and the elegant. Stainless steel chairs and hardware can be created. The chrome can be set thanks to various utility objects in scene. With a few simple handles you can achieve an impressive interior.

Warm up the atmosphere!

Do you think the black kitchen furniture is way too cold? That does not necessarily have to be. Add warm accents, such as wood or decorative objects in red, yellow or orange.

Well, how do you like the kitchen now?

Integrate here and there elements of light wood for more warmth

set up the kitchen in black

Orange accents provide color and warmth in the room

orange elements for the black decorated kitchen

The black kitchen should look either to the terrace or to the garden

combine the black color with wood surfaces

A bright kitchen island can be a great contrast

Ideas for kitchen lighting and color design

Your kitchen accessories can become part of your decoration

decorate the black kitchen cabinets great

The soft shades of gray make the black color stand out

Ideas for kitchen design and color design

Kitchen furniture and kitchen island in black

The herringbone pattern is very topical this year

Kitchen cabinets in herringbone pattern surface in dark colors

The color black is suitable for every style of furnishing

modern retro kitchen in black

Ideas for an ultra-modern and trendy kitchen

black kitchen design with orange kitchen back wall

We experience black at its best

black kitchen design and marble kitchen island

kitchen cabinets in black color

Design your kitchen in a perfect color combination

great color scheme for the kitchen

A small room looking out through a transparent wall looks wide

Ultra modern kitchen design in black with a vertical garden



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