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Kitchen island with aquarium, brings the tropics to your home

aquarium kitchen island

Incredible project transforms your kitchen into an aquarium

Close to nature. This is certainly a very important topic in contemporary design. You can treat it in a variety of ways.

Often it is about sustainably obtained materials or architecture that fills the boundaries between inside and outside.

In our case, part of the ocean has been captured and turned into part of the kitchens. That’s what you see in the picture. A kitchen island , which also represents an aquarium. With such a person you can not help but feel comfortable cooking.

Kitchen island aquarium

kitchen island idea aquarium

Wondering how the ceiling opens? You just have to press a button and it happens. You can then take care of the fish. Great and super handy, right?

These aquariums for kitchens are from a limited series. They are also very practical. These are made in a way that gives you plenty of room.

Not in all kitchens can such a thing be integrated. But if you are looking for a breathtaking centerpiece and real beauty in this room, we can hardly imagine anything better. Especially people who like to integrate the tropical look into apartments would simply love such a feature.

Watch the fish

great aquarium kitchen island

Robert Kolenik is the author of this stylish design. He creates wonders in the kitchens by mixing materials and sustainable methods with timeless design. Interesting as his works is his professional background. He first studied economics, and only then did he opt for design. He has a very diverse work. He designs everything from furniture to lights.

The designer Robert Kolenik

Inventor kitchen island aquarium

The main source of inspiration for his works is nature. This happens not only in the form of using sustainable materials, but also by mapping their real forms, as is the case with this kitchen appliance.

fish Aquarium

aquarium in the kitchen

A touch of the sea

aquarium in the kitchen island

Attractive fish species

aquarium island in the kitchen Kitchen equipment with aquarium

in the kitchen aquarium

Great view of the aquarium

kitchen island aquarium ideas


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