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Kitchen lighting that sets your work surface and cabinets in scene

kitchen lighting shelves work surface indirect lighting

Kitchen lighting that brightens your work surface and helps you to cook

Be smart when setting up or renovating your kitchen. Most people pay too much attention to kitchen cabinets and work surfaces and neglect the lighting. Of course, the kitchen furniture is very important, but the perfect kitchen is a set of well fitting items.

Match all the details and create a unique look. Of course, the most important aspect in the kitchen is its functionality. To make cooking more enjoyable, you create a homely atmosphere that supports you in your kitchen work. How you can do it, you will learn from our numerous contributions in the category ” kitchen “. And in this article, we’re just talking about the topic kitchen lighting ,

Set your kitchen in scene with the right lighting

kitchen lighting shelving cabinets light hanging lamps

The traditional Kitchen lighting, which consists of one or more ceiling lights, is far from the only way. The market offers a variety of light sources – recessed spotlights, batten lights, LED spotlights, light under the kitchen cabinets, cabinet lights, wall, pendant and other ceiling lights. Personalize your kitchen to your own taste and needs, so that you feel comfortable and enjoy the time at the kitchen stove. Even if you are not a keen cook, a moody atmosphere can inspire you to create delicious dishes.

Consider all factors in the kitchen. Every detail is right here – modern wooden kitchen furniture with plenty of storage space, colorful wall design, different light sources

Kitchen lighting shelves cabinets light


Combine different types of lighting fixtures. Make sure your work surface is well lit. The small practical LED spots are suitable for this. Mount it under the upper cabinets. They do not take up any space and will serve you faithfully. A LED tube is also a great alternative.

Led spots under the top kitchen cabinets

Kitchen lighting shelves cabinets light indirect lighting

Do not stay in the dark. There are so many great ways to illuminate your kitchen. Make use of these photo examples and be inspired.

The Hood has its own built-in lights that illuminate the hotplate

kitchen lighting shelves cabinets light island wood ceiling

Here comes natural light from the window. Otherwise you will also light up the kitchen sink out
Kitchen lighting shelves work surface indirectly illuminated

You can hang a decorative chandelier in the dining area

kitchen lighting shelves cabinets light dining room recessed light

Combine pendulum with recessed lights

kitchen lighting shelves wood cabinets light pendant lights recessed light

Recessed lights provide a modern look and a moody atmosphere

kitchen lighting shelving cabinets light recessed ceiling light
Brighten the kitchen island and the rest of the workspace

Kitchen lighting shelves cabinets light bright
The right kitchen lighting can also visually brighten the room

Kitchen lighting shelves cabinets light led white


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