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Kitchen set up in gray – inspirational designs

Kitchen set up in gray – trendy ideas

For some years gray has established itself as a classic color. For one, it has many of the features of the popular black, but at the same time provides much more variety than the darkest base color. It also has the ability to transform the space in a subtle way. This proved to be very helpful for many designers in the kitchen. We’ve put together some trendy looks that you could use to decorate your kitchen.

Striking and subdued at the same time

To look striking and insulated at the same time – no other color can do so well as the gray. This works very well if you choose a shade that is neither too dark nor too light and an elegant texture for the surfaces.

Design your kitchen in a striking way

colors and nuances of modern design

Gray on white

The gray kitchen equipment works well against a white background. They preserve the clean look and at the same time banish boredom from the room.

The white background is recommended for the gray design of the kitchen

Ideas for design in gray

Combinations with different metallic colors

Gray looks interesting and at the same time very stylish when combined with metallic colors. You can pick up on virtually any nuance. With the subtle shades you create a monochrome design and with the others – a personalized.

Combine different metallic nuances

Gray on white interior design


Gray kitchen with green accents

Gray kitchen with green accents would be a very trendy combination for 2019. Such a design has something very sober about it, but at the same time it is inviting and universal. This will be even more so if you also incorporate lots of natural light and white surfaces. Green can be introduced with lights, individual pieces of furniture and maybe a few plants.

The green color palette is perfect for the gray kitchen

Gray kitchen with green accents

Introduce your favorite color or texture into a futuristic concept

Gray is the right background if you want to experience your favorite color or texture in the light of futuristic trends. There is virtually no shading that would not work well in this formula. Especially popular are the combinations with blue, green, as well as with wood in different colors and textures. But this only opens our eyes to the potential of gray to integrate classic ideas into supermodern design concepts.

The color gray can be integrated into various design concepts

combination of green and gray for kitchens

Mix gray and other colors

Combinations of gray and other colors can be interpreted differently. Both can be used simultaneously or you can mix them. That would be another way to make your gray kitchen extremely interesting and innovative.

The gray color palette is considered an innovative kitchen equipment

Mixing colors of kitchen island

Introduce your favorite color as a combination with gray

gray design kitchen

The LED lighting must not be forgotten either

modern kitchen in gray nuances

Personalize your kitchen to your taste

Ideas for gray kitchen

The gray look is very stylish and inviting

combination of wood and gray color palette

Enjoy the metallic color palette

Kitchen equipment in gray

Trendy and at the same time harmonious design

luxurious kitchen design with gray

The right color is inviting and universal

luxury and design as a kitchen design

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