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Kitchen statement rugs that add texture

Kitchen statement rugs that add texture

The kitchen is one of the most popular and most used areas of the house, so why not one of the coziest areas. One way to make the kitchen more comfortable is to add a rug. The last thing you might want to do is add a rug in the kitchen because it seems like it’s involved because of the food. This can eventually cause the rug to get dirtier and much earlier. Although this may be the case, adding a rug adds extra structure and personality to the kitchen without the need to add a new background or appliance. The following are statement rugs that add texture to your kitchen space and make the room even more inviting.

Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
A carpet could be just what your kitchen needs if you feel the need to upgrade without completely changing your interior. The idea is to have a little color and texture to improve your kitchen. The rug also works well to enhance all the colors you want to add to the room, but have not figured out how to do it.


Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
A wool rug provides comfort wherever it fits in your kitchen. We recommend a gray wool rug for the ultimate, neutral, standing shade. Although gray is a neutral hue, it plays well with many other colors, yet stands out from the rest.

If you’re a fan of textured rugs that have a vintage feel to them, a wool rug will make all the difference you need in the room. Choose a patterned design as most pattern printed on rugs are vintage-inspired. Therefore, the entire room will subtly have a touch of vintage, which is also easy to decorate.

Brushstroke carpet

Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
A bold brushstroke rug is a way to go if you want to add bold colors that will enhance your kitchen. The idea is to make the carpet the highlight of your kitchen. Therefore, you want to make sure that the colors are vibrant and almost hand-painted. The edge gives you additional detail.

Color can be tricky for a kitchen space, as you may already have a neutral theme. In addition, if you want to add color or enhance any color, you may already have a brushstroke rug is the way to go. Brush Stroke carpets are easy to handle and work well with several different colors, which not only makes them easy to add, but also makes them a visual focus in the kitchen.

Round carpet

Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
A circular rug is great because it’s out of the norm. The reason is that they are a bit rare and hard to find. However, the nice thing is that you can really see the color and texture when it comes to round carpets. The web design is noticeable when the carpet is circular.

Round rugs are great, they are funny and light, but they also come in many different colors of bold shades like red, pink, yellow and green to neutral, which enhance the look of the room. A circular carpet is also great because it does not take up much space, which allows you to use several different ones in the kitchen.

Bohemian carpet

Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
Fat and light are the perfect description of a Bohemian carpet. Have a bohemian rug with a strong pattern for the best results. The beauty of a Bohemian rug is that the many different colors work well with any decor and color you can have in the kitchen.

A Bohemian carpet is relaxed, easy going and versatile. The beauty of a versatile rug is that it works well with any wallpaper pattern anywhere in the kitchen. You do not have to worry about the colors that lie between your room and the carpet. The main reason is how relaxed a Bohemian rug is. The relaxed feeling it provides will work wonderfully with many different colors and textures.

Braided carpet

Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
Like a circular and woven rug we love the idea of ​​a woven rug because of its texture. The texture on a woven carpet adds to the attraction of the room. There is another layer of texture that gives you the feeling that the room is contracting more.

A woven carpet has always been a classic. Regardless of where, how or when a braided rug always looks good, especially when it’s in a bold color. Braided rugs look great in rich colors because no two rugs are the same. The braided aspect of them gives them texture while weaving in color. In a neutral room, a woven carpet will work exceptionally well.

Neutral pallet

Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
Just because a rug is neutral does not mean that it gets boring. A neutral carpet brings the beauty into any vivid color that you can have in the room. In fact, if you have a bold kitchen that adds a neutral rug, the room can make look and feel together. Let the neutral carpet come with a pattern for the best results.

No matter how big or small your kitchen may be, a neutral palette will be reflected in the kitchen. If you want to enhance that look, you have a rug patterned in a neutral palette. The pattern will lighten the area. In the meantime, the neutral palette will create the perfect contrast between the two. In addition, the neutral shades will enhance the rich hues that you may already have as part of your kitchen.

Go green

Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
Green is a very versatile color. It comes in many different colors from green to green. This works very well because it allows you to choose the perfect shade that works perfectly in your kitchen. Besides finding the perfect green carpet, make sure the carpet has some kind of pattern to it. This will increase the attractiveness of the carpet.

Yes, we said it turns green. Green is a nice color in the kitchen. This is especially true if you combine it with beige, cream, white or gray. Use a textured rug that is mainly green. The richness and the elegant feel of the color green give your kitchen a “cool” atmosphere, regardless of how traditional it might be decorated. The hint of green will lighten the room immediately.

Add in rings

Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
No matter how dark or light your carpet ends up with, it gives the carpet a rustic yet unconventional touch. This works well if you want to have a carpet with an extra sense of texture and personality. The border should have a contrasting color for the best appeal.

Fringe is great! It’s structured, beautiful and easy to work with. Not only that, but fringe adds a touch of fun to the decor, which is a bit difficult to add to the kitchen. In fact, using a fringed rug will make your kitchen the focal point as everyone who enters the kitchen wants to concentrate on the rug. If you want to improve this look, make sure the used fringe rug has a pattern. If you do that, your overall look will be matched.

Bright stripes

Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
Although this carpet has no strong stripes, it has a strong contrast between the blue and the beige hue. What causes this is that it creates a sense of brightness when it comes to the blue hue. It also improves the texture of the carpet. The idea is that the texture is fat and the stripes reinforce it.

Stripes are an all time favorite because they are fun and versatile. Add a carpet with a bold, bright striped pattern for a modern twist. This would not only be a modern, but also a practical one. The reason is that light stripes attract attention. That’s why you will draw attention to your kitchen and add color.

Painted carpet

Kitchen Statement Teppiche, die Textur hinzufügen
A picturesque carpet will enhance the space and make it look more artistic and modern. There is also a trendy feeling about your carpet appearing like a painting. Instead of having it on the wall, it has to be on the floor. This brings more attention to your kitchen and makes it a focal point.

A carpet with a picturesque atmosphere is perfect for any kitchen. It adds a sophisticated look that is elegant. If you do not want to add art to your kitchen wall, you should install it in your kitchen floor instead. It will not only make the room look bright and vibrant. In addition, it brings a touch of personality exactly where you want it.

In conclusion, although a rug may seem like the last decorative item, you may want to include it in your kitchen. It could be exactly what your kitchen needs. Let us know in the comments below which of these carpets you would like to integrate into your kitchen.


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