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Kitchen studio or IKEA – That’s the way to go

Kitchen studio or IKEA – That’s the way to go

The kitchen is the heart of a house. Whether family, single or couple household, in the kitchen planning, consumers should consider what their demands on the kitchen. Should the room only be used for cooking or should there be room for sociable rounds? New kitchen furniture, be it from one kitchen Studio or IKEA should adapt to the needs and desires of the users.

Individuality is required for a modern kitchen

Kitchen studio or IKEA That's the way to go

Kitchens are individual today

Without expert advice in one kitchen Studio is the kitchen planning not easy. After all, the kitchen should not only look good, but also last a long time and be functional. Because fitted kitchen is not the same fitted kitchen.

When choosing kitchen furniture, it is crucial how many people live in the household and what size, dimensions and windows the room has. A large fitted kitchen only makes sense if there is still room for a dining table.

Hobby cooks can find out more about a tailor-made kitchen in the kitchen studio, which offers them sufficient storage space, has a cupboard system made up of cupboards and hanging cabinets, spice and dish shelves and many other useful storage systems. From the appropriate working height of a kitchen to the personally coordinated design, in the kitchen studio customers really feel like cooking, especially when they give their individual advice Mankara ,

Kitchen studio or IKEA?

Consumers want a kitchen with ease of use, large work surface and enough storage space. For many, timeless design and quality are important. It depends on a competent kitchen on a kitchen, so that it also meets the long-term demands of the consumer.

From the purchase of the kitchen to the finished assembly it takes several weeks. Customers should feel understood and well advised. This can be the case at IKEA as well as at a professional kitchen studio. It is important that the consultant can show in detail how the kitchen has to be planned and what time frame is necessary. A special software helps with planning. With a 3-D drawing, the desired kitchen can already be virtually adapted to the conditions of the room. The consultant should be able to explain what the customers need to do – such as laying water and electrical connections and tiling.

Consultants who want to sell a finished kitchen idea, do not respond to customer requests and exert time pressure, are not recommended. In this case, consumers should change the consultant or the kitchen studio.

Needs analysis for consultants

To simplify the consultation, customers should know exactly what they imagine the new kitchen. In the run-up, they can carry out a needs analysis and make a note of what their wishes are. They should sketch this so that the consultant can better visualize the dream kitchen. However, needs analysis does not only play a major role in providing advice. It also has enormous benefits for the customers. Only if they know what they want, the kitchen will remain a dream kitchen for many years to come. She accompanies the users in many phases of life.

The following questions should be clarified in advance:

  • Should the kitchen meet certain requirements?
  • How should the kitchen utensils be?
  • What rooms are adjacent to the kitchen?
  • Which needs and wishes should the kitchen fulfill?
  • What should the design look like?

Get several offers

Even though the expert advice of an employee is good, that does not mean that he can present the best offer. Therefore, it is worthwhile to obtain several comparable offers in order to filter out the cheapest price for the dream kitchen. The offer should contain not only the material costs for the kitchen furniture but also instructions on calculated construction times, possible additional services, costs for the approach and the kitchen construction as well as a clean oversize. It is therefore important to plan enough time to buy a kitchen.

Conclude purchase contract

If the dream kitchen is found, consumers must conclude a sales contract. He is not always flawless. Before signing, customers should check which payment terms and delivery dates are specified and if there is a warranty. Furthermore, the concept of the kitchen as well as the complete offer with all relevant information should be included in the purchase contract. What a legally compliant purchase contract looks like can be consumers see here ,

Attention: With a signature the purchase contract is sealed. Subsequently, customers have to expect a claim for damages amounting to around 25 percent if they want to withdraw from the contract. A free resignation is only possible if in the kitchen defects get discovered. What is legally behind it, is here explained in more detail.


Picture 1: pixabay @ Svabic (CCO public domain)


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