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Kitchen Trends 2019 – Minimalist with noble accents

A high-quality kitchen is a purchase for life. Therefore, both their design and their functionality should be well thought out. The kitchen trends for 2019 are simple and elegant. Muted colors and matte fronts with chic metallic elements are in demand. A great design combination that does not seem intrusive, but also not boring. With bright colors, there is a risk that you will quickly get enough of it. We will introduce you to all the kitchen trends that you can look forward to in 2019.

The trend continues to open kitchen kitchens

Open kitchens have been very popular for many years. The reason is obvious: Today, the focus is on healthy eating and the kitchen becomes the heart of the home or apartment. Cooking is trendy and not just alone. Especially the younger generation like to cook together with friends. A cozy kitchen, in which there is enough space for several people and enough space for good conversation, is in demand as never before.

Living kitchens are still popular ©


Kitchen trend 2019 – minimalist design very big

The design of kitchens is getting simpler and easier. The trend is away from rustic country kitchens, to urban chic. The focus is on open shelves and many floating elements. The handle-less kitchen fronts with print mechanism remain very popular. Here and there you will also find fronts with noble handles. The kitchens of 2019 live on different lighting elements that are integrated into the kitchen furniture. Intrusive elements, like one hood , move further into the background.

Hanging elements and matt fronts are trendy ©


The kitchens now come in muted tones therefore. Especially bright kitchens with dark accents are in demand. The trend towards the material mix has now arrived at the kitchens. Especially Wood and stone elements can be found, but also unusual materials such as leather are moving into the kitchen world.

Various materials ensure a modern look ©

plana_2015050610389_end_v2 The kitchens of 2019 have some curved, almost abstract shapes that can be found, for example, in the kitchen islands. The accessories also adapt to the minimalist style. Color accents are set by copper-colored elements and the fresh green of the herb pots.

Minimalist accessories provide color accents ©


Plan your kitchen yourself

The choice of kitchens is huge and it is a challenge to find the right kitchen. The kitchen trends of 2019 are an ideal starting point, because they look simple and noble. A design that is not outdated tomorrow and you can not get enough of it. To get an overview of designs and arrangements of your kitchen, you can easily from home, one kitchen Planner use. With this you can test the various arrangements and color combinations and find in the end even your desired kitchen.

Design your dream kitchen with a kitchen planner ©



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