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Kitchens up-to-date design the kitchen in a contemporary way

küchen aktuell furnishing ideas kitchen kitchen design

Make your kitchen look more up-to-date with orange accents

Based on an interesting example, we would like to discuss the meaning of colors in the kitchen. Here, as in many other areas, they are fundamental to our mood.

Everywhere they work Kitchens currently at present, when they have been executed in bright and neutral as possible colors.

Everything has many positive and negative sides. One of the first is that it would be easy to set bright accents. It is precisely from this aspect that we want to write. Only a little bit of orange is sometimes enough to drive away the boredom and the “normal” character. Everything looks super fresh and alive.

The kitchen is currently working

kitchens up to date kitchen design furnishing kitchen

Let’s first look at this white-and-orange concept in the context of the whole concept of the apartment. There is a wide kitchen area that offers more than enough space for the needs of the owners here. The more than 30 square meters of space has made a U-shaped distribution of the furniture possible. It has a wide kitchen box, work surface and bar counter integrated. There was even enough room for a dining table with six chairs.

The material

kitchen design kitchen up-to-date furnishing ideas


The material also makes the kitchen look current. Their surfaces were created from glossy natural veneers. Milky-white and natural beige nuances prevail everywhere. White is still the main color and their presence plays a fundamental role in the feeling one gets in the house.

Dynamic lighting in the kitchen

furnishing ideas kitchen fashion kitchen up to date

Thanks to the movable bases of the kitchen box and dining room lights, which are arranged on a square aluminum frame, you can always bring the bright light in the desired direction. So you do not have too much light, but a clear view at the desired location.

The visual effect is enhanced by the orange accent pieces of furniture.

Create a uniform look with same-colored decorative items

küchen aktuell furnishing ideas kitchen kitchen design

The oranges and clementines can serve well as a decoration

kitchens up to date kitchen decorating design ideas kitchen

Set up the kitchen back wall as an orange accent

decorating kitchens up to date kitchen design

Choose suitable decorative items

decor ideas furnishing ideas küchen aktuell kitchen design

Do you like this kitchen equipment?

kitchens up-to-date dékoideen kitchen furnishing ideas

The shiny surfaces give a noble look

interior design kitchen küchen aktuell kitchen design

The curtains are a cheap idea to set up your kitchen currently

kitchen decoration küchen aktuell küchen gestalten

Bring more color into your kitchen

kitchen decorate kitchens kitchen decor

Would you paint your kitchen ceiling in orange?

kitchen decorate kitchen up to date kitchen design

Let your hot plate stand out

kitchen furnishings wall colors kitchens up to date

Is orange your favorite color?

kitchen furniture kitchens currently kitchen decoration


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