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Knitwear for home and women’s wear

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Knitwear: knitwear at home and as a great knitwear

For some seasons, the knitwear has prevailed in all fashion sectors. This trend continues to increase in interior design and apparel fashion.

The famous brands

winter fashion women's fashion knitwear women's clothing

The knitwear has been a worthy place in the collections of well-known fashion brand for at least five years. Examples are Dior, Chloé, Stella McCartney, Prada. They include both knitted clothes and accessories. So you can find everything – from sweaters to bags to socks.

Comfortable and elegant

knitting fashion furnishing tips furniture ideas creative living ideas

The knitwear wins the fashion fans above all by bringing warm comfort and elegance to all of us. In winter you just can not get enough of it. It is no wonder that it also comes into its own in interior design. The best thing about it is that many of the models can be imitated at home.

Sofas and carpets

furnishing ideas knitwear creative fashion ideas

Companies like Paola Lenti have launched knitted models of sofas and rugs. This fashion is no longer limited to some decorative elements. Even some sofa upholstery is knitted.

Mergers of colors, textures and knitting techniques

deco knitwear creative home decor furnishing tips

The knitwear is not only diversified in terms of the products. Clothing and furniture designers are always brave when they combine colors, textures and knitting techniques.

Reusing old knitwear

sofakissen knitwear dekotipps furnishing tips

Very up-to-date are DIY decoration ideas from old knitwear. They serve to spice up various elements at home. Old scarves and sweaters can be taken apart. This can be used to make covers for lampshades or new decorative cushions. You can also come up with different combinations here.

Of course, you should pay particular attention to fire protection in some projects. Special techniques also make this possible.

Neutral colors and combinations with other materials for 2020

winter fashion knitwear women's clothing women's fashion

In the coming winter season the neutral colors are in demand again. Of the bolder shades, only green is used. Another current trend is the combination of knitwear with leather and other lightweight materials.

Particularly striking are the long and voluminous vests, which have a special knitting technique. Long knit dresses and tunics are also in.

Elegant knit sweaters with interesting cut-outs can already be found on the market.

Knitwear – warm and comfortable designer clothing for women

ladies fashion knit sweater ladies knitwear

The knitwear has also conquered the women’s accessories

ladies accessories knitwear ladies fashion

Exuberant knitted designer stools for the home

designer furniture knitwear furniture ideas

Strickmode – The long knit vests are very popular this year

women's clothing knitwear knitwear women's fashion

The knitwear for the home ensures cosiness and warmth

knit fashion deco ideas knitwear furnishing tips

The knitted ladies sweater will never go out of fashion

knitwear knitwear ladies womenswear

The outerwear for women with two combined knitting techniques is a modern choice

women's fashion knit fashion knit sweater ladies

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