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Kuschelecke Nursery – create a personal corner for the child

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So you create yourself a wonderful cozy corner in the nursery

A cuddly corner in the nursery is a wonderful method by which you create a great place in the room just for you alone. You will surely have a place where you will feel safe and secure like nowhere else.

Of course you can apply the ideas of today in other rooms as well. A cozy corner is even more important in larger premises, which serve other purposes. If the children feel good there, then they need a children’s corner.

Create a cozy corner in the nursery

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In the first place you would first of course have to decide where exactly the cozy corner should be in the nursery. The chosen location should be at a safe distance from a number of hazardous facilities: doors, stoves, fireplaces, windows and low-level electrical equipment.

It certainly takes more time to find something that meets all of these criteria. But as we all know, safety should be the parents’ first concern.

The outline

children's room decoration ideas furnishing ideas cuddle corner nursery

Once you have chosen the cozy corner in the nursery as a place, you now decide how it should be divided exactly according to functions. Also, you would have to rethink how to separate it from the rest of the room. You can use a light and low piece of furniture, such as such a shelf as a partition. Make sure that it has been placed very firmly on the ground so that it does not fall over the children.

furniture furnishing

nursery decor ideas cuddly children's room

Now we come to the most pleasant part of the establishment of the cozy corner for children. The pieces of furniture must be selected very suitable for the size of the little ones. The children’s furniture must be small enough for the children to feel comfortable. At the same time they should have a suitable size, so that it is comfortable there. Do not forget that your little ones are growing very fast.

Do not you want to decide on a great topic?

decorating children's room cuddle corner nursery room

In many furniture shops children’s facilities with great prints and a wide range of nuances are offered. Would not you like to implement or supplement a topic with it? This is highly recommended in all aspects of childcare.

The matching fabrics

children's room set up decorating cuddly corner children's room

Also with the materials no compromises may be allowed. You definitely have to be ecologically and anti-allergic. We all know how sensitive the children are. In addition, the textiles would have to combine a number of other properties: soft, of great endurance and stain resistant.

Bring the matching accessories

cuddly corner nursery nursery decorating children's room

Did we say that setting up the children’s corner in the nursery is the most enjoyable part? But the introduction of great accessories is the most exciting. Let’s start with a soft, cuddly blanket for the floor! Most children often like sitting around on the floor at least as much as sitting on the comfortable furniture. On the wall you could attach a work of art in a frame, which the little ones have created themselves. Also consider a blanket.

The bottom line is that the children in the cozy corner must feel happy and secure in their room. Everything must be gentle to touch. If all this is accomplished then you have fulfilled all possible conditions for this project.

Put a soft coat in the cozy corner

children's room set up cuddle corner nursery decor ideas

Colorful curtains for more privacy

interior design nursery cuddle corner nursery decorating

Do you also like to read fairy tales to your children?

furnishing ideas cuddle corner nursery decorating ideas

A modern kid’s room

children's room cuddly corner children's room modern children's room

How would you design the cozy corner in the nursery?

children's room decorating children's room furnishing cuddly corner children's room

Decorate the cozy corner with matching pillows

children's room furnishing ideas cuddly corner nursery decorating

The cozy corner should be color coordinated with the rest of the room

children's room design cuddle corner nursery decor ideas

Make the most of the wall niche

children's room cuddle corner furnishing ideas children's room cuddly corner children's room

Do you think this kid’s room design is good?

modern youth room cuddle corner nursery furnishing ideas nursery room


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