Garden Decorations

Landscaping Examples of a charming outdoor area in summer

gardening examples of huge child

Landscaping Examples that can serve as inspiration

Design the garden of your dreams!

In summer, the yard is your living area. Enjoy the beautiful weather and nature and spend as much time outdoors as possible. Of course you should not miss the comfort of your living room.

Think ahead of time what you would like to have in your garden. How do you enjoy talking to family members and friends? Do you enjoy playing Scrabble? Or are you a passionate movie lover and you would like to design a private summer cinema in your backyard. There are so many ways to turn your garden into a summer haven. Everything depends on your interests and preferences.

Here are our inspiring garden design examples. Do you want to take a look? You may come across something new and interesting.

Gardening ideas and visual examples

gardening examples tree hut stairs seat cushions

A beautiful swing with massive wooden legs. Do not you dream of such a hammock?

gardening examples hammock huge wood


Make the old bunk bed for use. Repaint it and place it in the garden

gardening examples old bunk bed stars in the sky

Do you like camping? Put a tent in the backyard!

gardening ideas examples tents backyard grass camping

Or build a tent of blankets and a rope

gardening ideas examples tents backyard blankets candles

The Indian tent is also an attractive variant

gardening ideas examples tents backyard indian tent

This wooden one gazebo but seems to be the perfect relaxation corner

gardening ideas examples gazebo gazebo wood

Quench your thirst in the summer heat

gardening ideas examples home bar outside

Store the beer bottles cool!

gardening examples beer beer bottles cool cooler bag

Make a musical arrangement

gardening ideas examples speakers made of wood nodern

And another summer experience. Enjoy one garden shower !

gardening ideas examples backyard shower

Host a private summer cinema

gardening examples lie lie seat cushions cinema movie screen

You could make an oil lamp yourself

gardening examples scrabble oil lamp house lantern at night over lighting

A fireplace like this decorative fireplace is also for DIY

gardening examples of decoration fireplace materials themselves

So you now have a fire pit, which contributes to the cosiness in the garden extremely

gardening examples firing hearth itself

Add more sand. How do you like this idea?

gardening ideas examples beach sand hearth dog

Maybe a pizza oven in the garden?

gardening ideas examples oven backyard pizza oven

If you like to play twister, paint colorful dots on the grass. Your kids would love the idea

gardening ideas examples twister dots spraying

Large scale scrabble – entertainment for adults

gardening examples Scrabble playing big

Build a mountain of old tires that have colored you prematurely

gardening ideas examples colorful mature old mountain

A wall to which your children are allowed to draw

gardening ideas examples blackboard children Also create a conversation for your cat

gardening ideas examples cats tunnel garden courtyard

A stylish garden shed made of wood and glass

gardening ideas examples garden house made of glass garden utensils

If you do not have a large garden, set up your porch appropriately

gardening ideas examples bed on the porch


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