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Learning to photograph – this is how good product photos succeed at home

Product photography is a very interesting field of photography, it is also easy to implement by laymen. The professional photographer Eberhard Schuy describes in his e-book product photography various techniques that can also be used by laymen. Meaningful photos of products according to given standards are required if products are to be sold in online shops.

Focus on the essentials
A good product photo can be significantly more meaningful than a product description and encourage buying. To put a product right in scene, laymen should pay attention to a lot. It is very important to show what the viewer is really interested in, and to focus on the essentials. If you want to take a product photo, you should ask yourself what advantages the product has and what the viewer wants to see.

Editing the photos
An important aspect is the editing of the photo; Here a calibrated monitor is suitable, because it makes it possible to judge the colors better. Not every monitor is good for viewing images, and the browsers also process images in different ways. This can lead to color shifts, which can be avoided if the images are saved in sRGB format. The advantage is that all browsers support this format. When it comes to sharpness, it is important to find a golden middle ground. If the pictures are too sharp, they look like pixels, the edges look as if they have been traced. When product photography should be considered very carefully, if it makes sense to set a high sharpness.

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Less image editing with good photos
Eberhard Schuy recommends a very clean background for product photography, as it allows photographers to save time for the time-consuming image processing. Cleaning the surface is much faster than retouching the finished image. The more that is implemented in product photography, the less time will have to be spent later for post-processing on the computer.

Also important is the use of only one type of light, for example, daylight, which is bluer than the light of incandescent or halogen lamps. The combination of two types of light can lead to yellowish and bluish color moods that can not be corrected. Today, modern cameras are usually equipped with image processing software that is suitable for developing RAW files. This format enables the development of well-exposed and contrast-optimized images.

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Eberhard Schuy stops in his E-Book “Product Photography” valuable tips on how to succeed in demanding product photos. The author has more than 30 years of experience, he has already photographed products for numerous renowned companies and has extensive expertise.

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