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LED bulbs – You have never seen such table lamps before!

LED bulbs as lighting and decoration at the same time

Lately, one speaks exclusively of LED lighting and LED lamps. In fact, it turns out that LED bulbs are more energy efficient than other lights and indeed provide a pleasant light. But consideration for their benefits, we take a little later. First and foremost, we want to show you that LED bulbs can also be considered as objects of art. This proves the artist Mariana Fernandez Folberg through their table lamps glowing in the dark.

LED bulbs in the form of plants

led illuminant Marina DeFrates' plant pot lamp

Each lamp is unique: Each leaf is designed to create an organic shape just as it exists in nature. Every plant has its own aesthetic. The artist focuses on the leaves and their diversity. She brings their veins in the foreground. Among leaf veins in the plants it means the organs that supply the leaves with water and minerals from the roots.

These acrylic sheets are turned on by LED and guide the light from the plant pot through the carved “veins” of the leaves. This creates a soft green light.

LED bulbs as decoration

led bulb Marina DeFrates' plant table lamps

Fancy plant lamps illuminate the nights in an exciting way

led illuminant Marina DeFrates' diversity designs table lamps

LED lamps illuminate the room and upgrade it

led illuminant Marina DeFrates' fancy table lamps

Clever design down to the last detail …

led bulb Marina DeFrates' table lamp plant details

These evergreen lamps not only provide light, but also represent a perfect decoration in the room. Functional and beautiful, they turn into real eye-catchers. This could be a nice addition to the living room or even brighten the night in the nursery. Place such a LED lamp next to the other accessories on the shelf or place one on the bedside table. It can easily be combined with other decorative items, just like the green plants! This could be the last accent in the room, which adds even more charm to the ambience!

Set between other home accessories

led bulb Marina DeFrates' table lamp decorative plant

Even if you did not find faulty LED bulbs in the beginning, the LEDs are highly valued these days. Today, one hardly hesitates when considering modern lighting. The LED lamps contain no harmful substances. They are also characterized by long shelf life and are easily replaced. In addition, they are not disposed of as hazardous waste. LED lamps are also characterized by low heat load on the lamp and a partially better color rendering index.

Small eye-catcher and lighting fixture at the same time

led bulb Marina DeFrates' deco ideas lamps

Fascinating design and high functionality characterize these art objects

led bulb Marina DeFrates' lamps modern lighting

LED lighting and unusual design in one, these table lamps are unique pieces of art that just leave you speechless.

Decoration ideas with LED lamps

led illuminant Marina DeFrates' art plants glowing


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