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LED fairy lights: how to get yourself in the mood at home

If you want to beautify your four walls with atmospheric light, it is best to turn to LEDs. They consume very little energy, are pleasantly bright and have a lifespan between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. With four hours of operation per day, an LED light theoretically lasts for up to 30 years. Since the LEDs are very small, they can be used very well for light tubes and fairy lights. Tip: More information about LED fairy lights for indoor and outdoor use You will find here ,

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Feel-good atmosphere in the living room

Whether with friends over a cup of tea or at a common home cinema evening with the family: The living room should be comfortable. For a comfortable feeling in the room, you can use a combination of direct and indirect light sources. Dimmable LED spots on the ceiling illuminate the room as needed, and a floor lamp in the corner of the sofa provides light for reading or listening to music. When watching TV, discreetly inserted LED light tubes, which are installed behind the TV or under a book shelf, provide pleasant background lighting. Many fairy lights can be operated by remote control or by smartphone app – changing lighting effects included. A first step in the direction Smart Home , the cleverly networked house in which the lighting and much more can be remotely controlled conveniently.

Tip: With movable LED spotlights on the walls, you can specifically illuminate dark corners and stage furniture, pictures or artwork in a sophisticated way. If you want to develop a coherent lighting concept for the whole house or the entire apartment, the support of a professional lighting designer be helpful.

Light accents in the dining room

A hanging lamp above the table is standard in almost every dining room. Ideally, it can be dimmed to provide smoother lighting when needed. Add LED light strings to the sideboard or cupboard in the dining room for added light accents and a cozy feel-good atmosphere during meals.

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LEDs in kitchen and bathroom

A central ceiling light – that’s not enough in the kitchen. The work areas must be sufficiently and specifically illuminated. LED spotlights, for instance on the underside of the wall cabinets, ensure bright light on the worktops when cooking and chopping vegetables.

The bathroom is a place where you want to feel good. Bright neon light in the morning – that may awake, it is not beautiful. Pleasant warm light, for example, bathroom mirrors with encircling LED strips. And LEDs in the bath or in the shower cabin provide romance in the home spa.

bathroom design led light chains bathroom lighting

LED String Lights Decorations Kitchen Decorating

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