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LED strips can so easily enhance your floor design!

If you are wondering which decorative elements can positively enhance your floor design, then we have the right answer: LED strips! Energy saving and unique lighting is the right solution when it comes to green ideas at home. That’s why LEDs have been among the best design options in years. In other words, it is about a trend that is constantly enriched by new ideas and arouses great interest among interior designers and homeowners. In today ‘s article our editors would like to focus on the floor design with LED strips. Which colors and strategic positions can be discovered for every taste, you will find out in the following points!

Attractive floor lighting with LED lights

Floor lighting with LED lighting

Colors of LED strips for floor design

Everyone knows that LED lighting offers a rich selection of colors. Cars, houses and discos are designed with the colorful colors and the result is always the same – beautiful look! The floor design with LEDs is very different from most concepts.

The reason for this is that only the colors white, warm white and blue illuminate the floor in a targeted way and are used discreetly in the darkened rooms. These colors can make your stairs almost daylight.

Floor lighting in the kitchen facility

elegant design LED


Integrate LED strips

LED strips give every room a perfect look. In other words, there is no other decorative element that can enhance any room so attractively and elegantly. In the first place we want to start with the design of the stairs. Here, the LED strips are integrated on both sides to illuminate the individual steps. Integrate the small lights so that they appear almost invisible to your guests. So you create a surprise effect when climbing the steps , If your staircase allows the invisible positioning of LED strips under the stairs, you can fix the lights sideways. The light reflection not only ensures a luxurious appearance, but also for a good lighting design in this area

The staircase provides an elegant reflection of light!

Floor lighting ideas

In the kitchen design you have significantly more variants for an elegant position of the LEDs. In the early morning hours you need an optimal light level. For this reason, you can integrate the LED design around the kitchen island or around the dining table. In addition to robustness and longevity, this type of lighting provides a relaxing atmosphere while eating. White is considered the right choice for floor design in the kitchen.

The inviting and relaxing atmosphere is a must in the dining room

LED lighting concept elegant design

In the entrance area, the LEDs are best suited for floor design. If you position the light strips on both sides, you will feel luxurious when entering the house. The clean lines give your floor design a perfect light reflection. Design a lighting concept according to your taste and use strategically all places in the entrance area.

Any floor design can be an instant eye-catcher and a real eye-catcher. For the goal, you need an imaginative picture gallery that could serve as inspiration. As always, our editorial board has selected the best ideas for LED floor design. Take a look at the variants, because the time has come for a unique floor lighting!

Design your floor lighting in the hallway according to the latest trends

LED lighting in the hallway

Energy saving and romantic floor lighting

Concept elegant design

LED strips are the right choice for every floor

LED lighting ideas interior design

Integrated and almost invisible

elegant design

Attractive kitchen equipment with warm white LED lights

Kitchen furniture with LED lighting

Integrate the LEDs under each stage

Staircase lighting

LED strips in blue provide more luxury in the room

Blue LED lighting

White is perfect for floor lighting in the kitchen

LED lighting in the kitchen

Let your dreams run wild!

Lighting in the corridor area

Create a cool light reflection

Floor lighting ideas LED

The cool lights also make for a spa experience in the bathroom furniture

LED lighting concept and design

LEDs give every entrance a cool look

Interior with LED

Choose between blue and white

Blue lighting design in the bathroom

Interesting floor lighting in the kitchen

LED lighting floor lighting

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