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Living by the sea – maritime decoration

Many people have a longing for sea and beach in the summer, because everyone dreams of a perfect holiday on the coast. It is for this reason that many homeowners decorate their own four walls in fresh colors and shapes in a maritime look. The decorative elements that carry a holiday feeling are very numerous. We would like to share our ideas and tips for maritime decoration with you, so that this decoration can appear as realistic as possible in your home.

Favorite pieces in a maritime look

The range of maritime accessories is richer and more eye-catching every year. The little things in the maritime style usually have a strong effect and make for a perfect arrangement. Among the best favorites is the playful underwater design, which has a real holiday feeling. But what is the easiest way to play an underwater decoration? Unfortunately, you can not design this type of decoration yourself because the materials and shapes are very numerous and not expensive either. Decorate your table or shelf with starfish, fish and seahorses. Put the favorite pieces in almost all different corners of the apartment. It is recommended that the decoration does not repeat itself. For this reason, you can also use flotsam and fishing nets.

An absolute must for maritime decoration is the lifebuoy, which can be hung on the wall. You can also make it from wood or other materials yourself. Paint the ring in fresh colors such as light blue and white. Textures that represent a holiday motive are especially popular among the favorite pieces.

The maritime decoration should be planned down to the last detail

Deco maritime design

When it comes to holiday motives and textures, we also want to introduce a very important part of the maritime design: the throw pillows. Many beach restaurants have throw pillows with different textures that create a real holiday mood. Such favorite pieces can be found on the internet or in the market.

You can also use your old cushions because you can only order new cushion covers that are decorated with maritime textures or symbols.

Choose throw pillows with different textures and shapes

Decoration with throw pillow

Maritime decoration made of pallets

The latest trend in maritime decoration is the elements of pallets. But this topic is something for the DIY fans, because the design is based on your own design. As a tip for your inspiration, the nuances white and blue are recommended for the project. These colors have a maritime look when combined well. You should carefully plan and carry out the painting of the pallets. The most popular maritime projects made of pallets are among the wall decorations such as shelves, pictures or decorative pieces hanging on the wall. Often, the finished pallets are decorated with starfish and holiday memorabilia.

Original and creative structures are among the DIY projects

maritime-deco-made pallets


The maritime decoration ensures a perfect holiday memory, which is not only stylish, but also relaxing. As inspiration you can use our following picture gallery.

table decoration maritime design

starfish as a decoration

bedroom decoration maritime elements

palette starfish as a decoration

Pallet maritime decoration pallet decoration for home Interior design in a maritime look

design with starfish decoration in maritime design

decoration with starfish Deco maritime from pallets

Throw pillow design

deco in maritime design pillow


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