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Living room curtains for a nicely decorated interior

pattern curtains for the living room

Curtains give the living room a noble character

Do you want to design a rather elegant, noble living room? Probably the trickiest choice is the curtains. Because at this one has the chance to show a good or … bad taste.

We have put together some examples that we believe have made the best choice.

Let’s look closely at how these are Living room curtains Register, correspond with the rest of the equipment and contribute to the fact that the whole thing looks really noble.

Living room curtains in cream

great living gadins

We experience beige and cream in the room shown here. The second nuance on the piano and the window frames was limited. Otherwise you have the curtains in this living room, as all other details in cream. The furniture is lighter, the drapery of the pillows and curtains darker. Thus, the latter act as a backdrop for the highest class of equipment. Note that their edges spread on the floor. It has made the room appear higher. Moreover, this approach has for centuries shown the surplus of materials. Under no circumstances should you save on fabric.

Draped curtains reaching to the ground

beautiful living room curtains

You have not saved on the fabric of the curtains in the second room. But here you showed some restraint and you set yourself apart from the tradition. This is done by picking up the traditional draping, but in terms of length, it was contemporary. These reach to the bottom.

Male-looking, fine curtains

dark living room curtains

Through the curtains in the next living room, this time you have gone one step further towards strength and masculinity. We see two layers – inside they are black and outside – beige. The fabrics are fine, so they do not look so dominant. The furniture has been done in dark gray. The accents in claret and yellow are full of character, but also strong and masculine.

White, thick curtains for a summery mood

white living room curtains

Light, summer mood, green indoors and outdoors. You want a lot from here. In this sense, one can also explain the choice of curtains. They are white, but dense enough. But there is only one gap, so that the boundaries between inside and outside are blurred. Among other things, this has been achieved through the green furniture in the interior design. How did you like it?

Create a blue ambience through curtains

blue curtains for the living room

Brown curtains in Baroque style

brown living room curtains

Colorful curtains create a happy mood in the living room

colorful curtains for the living room

Dark red tulle curtains for the elegantly furnished living room

dark red living room curtains

Floor to ceiling windows with curtains . which reach to the bottom

noble curtain fabrics

Decorative scarf made of the same material

elegant curtains for the living room

Interesting curtains with garish ombre effect

curtains with ombre effect

Here you have chosen the curtain color matching the wall and the sofa

choose curtains suitable for the furniture

The gray curtains are trendy

gray curtains for the living room

Beautifully decorated curtains show elegant asymmetry interestingly hung curtains

Pattern curtains hung on metal bar

modern living room curtains

A noble living room furniture with long curtains in beige

bright living room ambience

Stylish curtain fabric

beautiful brown curtains

Curtains and curtains with the same pattern

beautiful curtain color

Living room with curtains decorated in country style

beautiful curtains for noble furnishings

grass green silk curtains

silk curtains in green

Do you like this combination of curtains?

great curtains for the living room

The curtains complement the interior design

Living room curtains in gold

Decorate your floor to ceiling windows with pattern curtains

Living room with pattern curtains

A great idea – combine brown and cream

living room with two-tone curtains

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