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Living room design in modern and timeless black

Inspirations for the living room design in black

Anyone who has already dealt with the topic of “black” in the field of fashion or design knows his versatility. It makes everything seem a lot more modern. Black, however, also carries many dangers, namely, that it could make things seem grim, pessimistic and without their own “character”. This happens when you do not find it so easy. In the living room it would be fatal. In order to avoid bad results there, we have some guidelines for the integration of Schwarz ready.

Stick to this, you can gorgeous and bold design in this room. It is worth it! With “Black” you can even make a not so expensive living room design appear full of character.

Combine the black color with noble acting materials

Living room ideas in black

Noble materials

Noble and dramatic materials in black – that’s our first suggestion. This will allow you to cover the walls. Black painted wood refines the room with texture and warmth. You definitely need a few bright, even radiant “spots”.

For the furniture, choose a much lighter shade – such as blue.

Accent pieces of marble would liven up the ambience significantly. The same applies to the interesting textures of the upholstery. These can be introduced by works of art or accent surfaces made of a different material.

For even more comfort, you can use light curtains and maybe throw pillows.

Wall areas on different levels and built-in lighting

furnishing ideas and color schemes for the living room

A black wall design creates a very interesting dynamic. A clever play with the nuances and the use of recessed lighting in the right places, it even looks spectacular.

All dealing with the light and shadow must be very skillful. This should include both ambient and accent lighting. Experiment with different ideas until you find an optimal constellation.

TV wall dissolving in the background

color design and living room design ideas

The black living room furniture has a very practical side. It refers to the seamless integration of the media. A black TV would totally disappear from view in a wall of the same color as soon as it is off. This creates a great atmosphere for the evenings, where you would rather communicate with friends and family. Maybe you can turn on a video with burning wood in the winter or nature pictures in the summer on the screen?

Think of enough natural light and mirror surfaces

black living room design with lots of natural light

Big bright surfaces

The black living room design is basically recommended if you really have ample access to natural light. There should even be a window wall that opens the living room to the garden or a ready spectacular view. But can there be a great living room furniture in a room with few or small windows? That may work, but you have to compensate for the lack of natural light. The artificial lighting should best become the central theme of such a living room design. Choose ambient lights that not only brighten up the room, but are also artistically present. The surfaces should best have mirror surfaces to a large extent. Some of them should also be white or very light. Maybe you can still introduce some abstract art on the subject of “light”. These are just some of the ideas we give you here. As I said, it is generally about making it the topic.

Create a sense of luxury

Design living room in black

Black and theme nature

Especially in the context of a black living room furniture, nature provides a lot of optimism, do not you think? Decoration and materials on this theme enliven and refresh the space. A dark green bonsai with an interesting sculptural appearance is a symbol of the ultramodern understanding of comfort.

Black living room furniture and geometric shapes

Living room design with natural stone wall

Let’s go one step further beyond ultramodern! In black, you can easily create a futuristic home decor. You just have to rely on geometric shapes. The more complicated shapes should set the accents in the interior design. To compensate, you then need many clear lines. Such futuristic concepts work best with glossy surfaces. The modern effect is enhanced by installation lighting.

With Black, you can even make a not so expensive living room design appear full of character

dark living room furniture with hanging lights

A black wall design creates a very interesting dynamic

design ideas for the living room in black

You also need some bright, even radiant “places”

Ideas for wall design in the living room

A black TV would totally disappear from view in a wall of the same colors

Ideas for living room design with black

Living room design – Lighting and access to natural light is very important

black color for the living room furniture

Choose a much lighter shade for the furniture

black wall design for the living room

Works of art and throw pillows can provide some color

Flat design with dark colors and wall design

Black painted wood refines the room with texture and warmth

Living room with black sofa


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