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Living room design – to accommodate everything you need in one room!

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Tips for interior design in a great atmosphere

As a rule, we are led to live in rooms that are too small for our taste. Many popular concepts and ideas for interior design are therefore geared to this.

But when you expose yourself to setting up a bigger house, you find out the following: Again, this is not an easy task.

Many people do not know in such a situation how it should go on.

With this article, we want to help you just in such cases.

Focus on clear and concise ideas

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In a large room, even more so than a small one, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve through the furnishings. Start by determining how many functions to have. Does the room have to serve a purpose only? Would it rather combine several functions within an open living space?

In most cases, the second is the case with modern living room concepts. One has a living and a dining area which are connected. The kitchen can either be integrated as well. However, it is already separate or very clearly separated in large apartments. In all cases, it is very well connected to the rest of the room.

The square shape

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The form, which is taken into account in a living room design, is not a matter of course per se. It is best to leave a free space next to the front door. A little further to the interior then a living room should begin, in which the living room furniture are distributed. On the one hand, the media wall or the TV and everything you need for everyday entertainment, be positioned.

The sofas that are located here can also serve the larger room layout.

The remaining areas around this central area can now be filled with various other functions.

Long rectangular alignment

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Here you should set up the area just described as “central” so that it occupies about one half of the large room. Thus, the other half is left for another, essential project. Especially in long rectangular rooms with large dimensions you can integrate a kitchen or a dining room.

Alternatively, you can position the two areas in such a room in an L-shape.

Irregular room design

interior design living space interior design home ideas

Housing design in an irregular shape is the hardest to achieve. Make a plan and play on it with different possible variants. You could also use some of the rules mentioned in the examples above. For example, you can leave a little space next to the entrance. Then it is best to use sofas and other pieces of furniture for room partitioning.

Last but not least, you must also include the natural light in your planning. All areas would need to benefit as much as possible.

Make sure you also have a suitable lighting

furnishing ideas living space design open plan

What functionality should your living space have?

interior design one-room apartment wohnrau design

Also think of a great and eye-catching wall decoration

open plan living room design living room interior design

An amazing living room design! Do not you think?

interior design living ideas living room design modern living room

Make sure you get more color with same-style decorative items

interior design interior design living room design modern living room

A creative idea for the interior design! Get new inspirations!

living ideas living space interior design ideas interior design

F Bring more coziness into the living room through a colorful carpet

interior design home interior design interior design

A perfectly planned and executed interior design

home interior design home interior design home decor

Do you need two separate sitting areas?

wohnraumgestaltung modern living room furnished one-room apartment


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