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Living room furniture 70s. Colorful and opposite.

living room furniture retro style 70s disco ball

The Zeitgeist of the 70s – the living rooms are colorful and contradictory

Today it is called “vintage style” and this style of furnishing has a distinct tendency to the 70s style furniture. The 70s feeling characterizes a wild and colorful zeitgeist combined with the feeling of freedom and individuality.

The hippie period serves as the basis for this style of furnishing, where colorful and strong as well as bright colors dominate. Of this, the walls are not spared and are so colorful. The main thing freaky, colorful, and innovative: The world is mixed with the designs of the 70s. An entire generation provides a new attitude to life with more courage for color, imaginative forms and absolutely provocative styles. Space Age design furniture present themselves in the colors, like orange, yellow, and red and also apple green, brown and khaki and are like the trendy furniture of the 70s.

Living room furniture in retro style

3d sofa rendering 70s retro orange living room interior

The retro look of the 70s in the living room – Space Age design furniture

It’s back in time to revive the 70s with some furniture and furnishings in this style and to provide one or the other eye-catcher in the living room. Absolutely trendy at the moment is the so-called Flower Power style, where the fashionable retro trends of summer are reflected. Dressed up with the matching home accessories such as a wall with a colorful wallpaper clad and the couch gets sofa cushions with colorful circles, or a colorful plastic light presents itself as a welcome decoration element and is something in the air from the 70s feeling. Armchairs and chairs in the Space Age Design make this possible and revive the 70s retro style. A new attitude to life presents itself in form and color and the living rooms are adapted to it.

living room furniture designer furniture

In the living area, the 70s style is again in demand

The 70s style is characterized mainly by colorful, bright colors and large patterns with flowers and circles. Who wants to transform his living room in the 70s-style, decides for residential elements in the Space Age Design in the colors: orange, yellow, green and purple. As a carpet fits particularly well a deep pile patterned to this style. Here are some tips for getting started with a 70s style living room:
– first a desired wallpaper, the 70s-to choose to taste,
– leave the floor rather plain and plain,
– a high pile carpet in bright and patterned colors as an eye-catcher,
– as matching furniture there are iconic replicas of the 70s, which can not be colorful enough,
– for example, gaudy chairs that are made of plastic and have metal legs,
– round colorful lampshades,
– Pillows with large flowers or with circles as a pattern.
Incidentally, there are poppy murals in the Space Age Design currently in great demand, which may have the same effect as the wallpaper from the 70s.

Living room furniture retro style 70s lava lamp


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