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Living room furniture and the 2019 trends that you should follow

Living Room Furniture – Follow Essential 2019 Trends

For furniture trends for 2019 we have no super radical renewals. But the subtle changes are the hardest to identify and follow. On the other hand, they have great potential. With small changes, we can make our interior much more attractive and interesting.

Here are the key points to consider when renovating and redesigning your living room.

The neutral shades allow you to use any pattern

Living room furniture in neutral colors

  • Neutral backgrounds, enriched by memories

Because of the stressful everyday life or because we want more and more ability to transform, the neutral shades have not gone out of style for some seasons. After all, they are reinterpreted and recorded, so it does not get boring. In 2019 you can use popular patterns from past years and style epochs.

The plant ornaments and pictures are very popular as in all areas of fashion and design. Furthermore, the stripes are often used. These are probably also so popular because of their functional side. They can thus significantly influence the perception of spatial dimensions.

Combine wood and metal

Wood and metal combine in the living room furniture

  • Combinations of “warm” and “cold” materials

A typical example is the combination of wood and metal. This combination unfolds unexpected aesthetic sides of the two materials. A contrast in the colors would emphasize these even more. In addition, you can highlight the differences in texture.

  • Introducing bright colors with retro looks inspired by Scandinavian models

The retro looks and the Scandinavian design are certainly no news at all. Noteworthy is their specific function within the current trends. They clearly serve as a kind of “excuse” for introducing bright colors into the interior design. Trendy are accessories from the middle of the last century or in antique styles in colors such as turquoise or sage green.

Even more ideas for living room design

A “couple” for more symmetry

symmetrical living room design for 2019


  • Symmetrical interior

In the modern living room furniture of 2019 the symmetry dominates very much. To emphasize these, the small pieces of furniture and accessories are often used in pairs. This also applies to works of art, lighting and many other aspects of interior design.

furnishing trends for the kitchen for 2019

  • “Rough” materials in the kitchen

The worktops and tables are dominated by materials with a rough feel. For example, you often use precious pieces of concrete or granite. They are in stark contrast to other aspects of the living room furniture, which in turn are particularly cozy and comfortable.

Contrasts can also be emphasized within a single piece of furniture. There can be combinations of stone and wood! In 2019 they are very original and modern.

The perfect living room table

trendy table for the living room

The low table models are another very striking trend in 2019. Very short legs must be made of a solid material – such as metal. The practical tall models can still stay in the living room. Combinations are also modern. You can use the lower and higher pieces of furniture to create a great “landscape” in which more than one zone is highlighted.

Trendy lighting models for the living room furniture 2019

Lighting ideas for the living room 2019

  • Cluster of suspended luminaires

The artfully installed clusters of suspended luminaires are a well-known trend. He just gets up very much in 2019. You can probably explain this by dominating clean lines in the interior. The accessories play in this context a very large role to emphasize the artful character of the living room furniture.

The artful design with light bars reached a highlight this year. It is very noticeable in all rooms, especially in the bathroom.

Learn more about the Pantone residential colors of the year

dark blue wall paint for the living room

colorful living and living room furniture

The plant ornaments and pictures are very popular this year

popping colors for the living room

In 2019 you can use popular patterns from past years and style epochs

furniture and decor trends for the living room

Contrasts can also be emphasized within a single piece of furniture

furniture and lights for the living room

The accessories play a major role in emphasizing the artistic character of the living room furniture

trendy colors for 2019 resized

Modern with a little retro touch

Living room ideas and color scheme resized

The low table models are another very eye-catching 2019 trend

Living room furniture trends for 2019

Living room design in retro style

color design and color trends for the living room


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