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Living room furniture with clean lines for complete relaxation

Living room furniture with clean lines for complete relaxation

The living room must be a quiet place, where the family can spend relaxed time together. At least a large part of the population thinks that way. For the designers, the living room is the central area of ​​the entire interior. How can you solve both tasks at the same time? This is relatively easy due to a modern home decor concept with clear design lines.

Trendy living room designs have a character as well. Take a look at our great picture examples!

Let the beautiful view determine the interior atmosphere!

Do you have a nice city view? What better relaxation can you imagine in the evening? Put on the simple clean lines in the interior design, the magnificent view of the city is particularly strong advantage.

You should combine the city outlook with the design

city ​​view living room ideas and trends

Open living plan and gentle neutral layers

The open plan works well with clean lines. So the different areas will harmonize naturally with each other. Highlight the individual zones with soft neutral colors. Divide these into the respective zones. The darker ones should predominate in the lighter area.

This is usually close to the window.

The open living plan of the living room is very modern with lighter lines

Living room with open plan

Treat yourself to bigger furniture

The dimensions of the room are determinant for the size of the different furniture. However, these can be a bit larger than usual if you decide in the living room furniture for simple lines. If everything is kept simple, you feel less restricted.

Determine the size of the furniture to your taste

size furniture in the living room

Let the textiles provide luxury

Why do not you let the textiles in your room do the show? This is a practical and often cheaper way to provide more luxury. Create drama through the drapery of the window curtains or through modern, elegant and elegant-looking carpets.

The carpets should look harmonious and elegant

Leather design in the living room

Make the simple details stand out

In a simple interior design, even the simplest details come into their own. The subtle design language of the accessories is often a sign of good taste. Let them determine the character of your simple home furnishings!

Works of art or luxurious accessories give the room a stylish look

accessory in living room designs

White color palette and simple shapes

Let’s stay with the decor of small living rooms with simple shapes. To make the small room even more ready, you should bet on the white wall design. Individual pieces should be made darker, so that you determine the different zones in the room.

Combination of white environment and open plan living

white living room with open plan

Make the room full of character through the materials

If simple shapes prevail in the room, the material should provide for its characterful appearance. Put on the noble pieces of leather or other upholstery.

Put on pieces of leather furniture

Leather furniture design for living room

Spectacular background design

Find the clean lines practical, but at the same time they seem far too spectacular. Achieve more emotions in the room through the background. There are many possibilities because the device is generally neutral. You could integrate an effective accent or super modern media wall. What about a vertical garden or a built-in aquarium?

The built-in aquarium will be the highlight of your living room

ideas-living room design

Choose rugs with a refined design

deco living room carpet ideas

Large pieces of furniture fit particularly well in a living room with an open living plan

Furniture larger in the living room

Do not forget the accessories in the room!

modern accessories in living room designs

The open plan has many advantages! Read more about it here

open plan ideas

The carpets should fit well with the design of the living room

carpet ideas for the living room

Elegance and flexibility in one

carpet in the living room ideas

Be minimalistic with a white design

White palette in the living room

Apartment with a modern living plan

room with open plan

The city outlook will act as a decoration in the room

Living room with city view design


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