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Living room inspiration – inspiration for your individual wall decoration

living room inspiration

Great wall designs as inspiration f in the living room

Do you know exactly how you want to decorate the wall in your living room? But you want to find a very successful, intelligent solution?

Here are some tips and hints that will hopefully be the inspiration for your living room.

Tips and inspiration! Enchanting the living room and personalizing it

Great living room inspiration

Abstract picture for the living room

Many people start to consider a bigger picture or a photograph. But it is really hard to find a noble, good-looking solution. This must also be the same dimensions.

That can be expensive. In addition, changes that you feel like over time are quite complicated. That’s why it’s best to create a composition of several pictures.

In a row ordered pictures

great living room inspiration


You do not have to cover the whole area. It works best when it accounts for a third of this. You can make this wall design for a balance in the room. You could either position the whole in the middle or sideways. Draw inspiration from the furniture. Living rooms, where most of the furniture is positioned to the left, could benefit greatly from a left-facing wall design. Of course, the reverse also applies. If everything is evenly distributed, then the wall installation can be made up of images or other elements in the center. Suitable places for such a wall are often behind the sofa or next to a table. Because this defines an independent area within a larger housing plan.

Through the dark accent wall, the pictures come into their own

accent wall with pictures

  • Colored inspiration for the living room

Accent walls with superior imagery are the ideal and most popular method currently used to create a colorful appearance in the room. Very popular is the combination of a blue background with pictures with wooden frames in front of it. In it one can show different colored motives. Make sure they match your furniture. With such a solution, one can say that the need for many accessories is unnecessary.

Cool idea by which you can integrate the red color on the wall

Lighting on the wall

Color-coordinated accents

Great wall design idea

Various picture sizes and plants combination for wall decoration

Pictures combination and plants

Decorate the white wall with flower pictures

flower pictures on the wall

A boisterous wall decoration

cool wall decoration

The black picture frames come out well

Decorating ideas for the living room

Decorate your living room wall with family photos

hang family pictures on the wall

Floral image matches the carpet

floral picture on the wall

Keep your wedding day hanging on the wall with your best wedding picture!

wedding picture as a wall decoration

This allows you to arrange the different image sizes

to classify ideas into pictures

Put your favorite star on the wall

Integrate your favorite picture

A simple decoration

small picture as a decoration

Do you like this wall decoration?

shelves for the living room wall

Put four small pictures next to each other

Mirror as a wall decoration

Wall niche with green light and decorative items

integrate various deco products

Make your living room wall look playful

many different pictures

Black and white pictures

decorating the living room wall

Hang your butterfly collection on the wall

Living room inspiration with pictures

Hang empty picture frames in the wall

Living room inspiration ideas

What do you think about this wall design?

living inspiration wall design

Create a whole with three smaller pictures

Living room wall decoration


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