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Living room set up – examples that are worth seeing

living room setup examples purple carpet great decoration

Living room setup Examples – Need inspiration, what look you give your living room?

The living room is this room, which radiates the whole look of the apartment. That should be your leitmotif when you start designing your living room. If you are to choose a room from the whole apartment where you use all your heart and soul, then we are sure this will be the living room.

This is the space that gives you your personality. One always strives to make the living room most attractive; To reach such an equipment, which marvel at all, to which one is extremely proud. Then take a look at the living room set up Examples ; maybe you will find what you are looking for!

Ravishing floor lamps with a futuristic design in the living room

living room setup examples plant decorate

The picture on the wall attracts attention

small living room modern furnishing long curtains

The living room is a multifunctional space, but usually has a center, a center around which all the remaining elements rotate. Whether it’s a sofa, a coffee table, a fancy armchair, a cool innovative floor lamp or a fireplace, that’s a personal question. Something should appear as an accent in the living room.

A contemporary living room that radiates coziness

living room setup examples fancy carpet great floor lamp

Did you notice that the coffee table in front of the sofa is always present, regardless of the interior style of the living room. Without exception, the coffee table is present, but why exactly is it there? For greater convenience! This is the place where to put the already read magazines, the cup of coffee or tea or whatever. You just need this table!

Great combination of black bookshelves and yellow furniture

great living room yellow sofas white coffee table decor

The great decorative items between the two sofas are the hit in this living room

cool living room black leather sofas

Brown carpet being jazzed by the fresh flowers in coral color

stylish living room wall brown carpet floor lamp

Creating a noticeable color contrast in the living room can prove to be a good decision

living room carpet floor lamp round arch white corner sofa

Is not this a fancy living room interior?

living room setup examples colored carpet pattern books

The picture with the beautiful rose combines great with the sofa

living room furnishing examples elegant corner sofa decor

Colorful carpet in the living room

living room setup examples colored carpet throw pillow

Stylish living room interior, characterized by very simple lines

modern living room dark carpet leather sofas

Black coffee table on white living room carpet

elegant living room great carpet pictures wall

Leather sofas and a modernist coffee table

living room setup examples of great coffee table

Comfortable furniture in the living room

living room set up elegant furniture throw pillow

Photo murals make the living room look more interesting

modern living room armchair corner sofa photo wallpaper

Ceiling lights in the living room

small living room set up white sofa carpet pattern

Living room with a classic look

elegant interier living room white furniture

Fur rug and plants in the living room contribute to a fresh look

living room furnishings fell carpet plant decoration

The white wall is emphasized by the dark wall design and the black carpet

living room black carpet blue armchair white living wall

A living room that is modern, cozy and fresh at the same time

modern living room plant yellow sofa round coffee table

Elegant interior in bright shades

living room design cool coffee table fireplace long curtains

Living room in vintage style

living room setup examples brown leather sofa side tables

Impressive living room that is modern and elegant

living room furniture orange sofa stool

Living room with chandelier

living room setup examples stylish interior

Even with an open plan living, you can modernize the living room

living room facility open plan living room staircase glass railing

White ambience

living room strehlampe white stool table lamp

Living room with panoramic windows

modern living room panoramic window open plan


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