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Luxurious living room of Busnelli

The Italian furniture design company Busnelli describes the furniture as shapes and styles that are constantly evolving. They are chic, comfortable and elegant. When you see these sofas, you can imagine every style, every era and every part of the world. It’s really a mix of styles – these sofas can be minimalist and traditional. These living rooms by Busnelli look very cozy.

Busnesli coffee couch carpet flowers

The beige couch looks pretty versatile. It is cozy and fits the carpet. With dark cushions it becomes immediately more modern.

These living rooms by Busnelli have chic, comfortable and elegant furniture

Busnesli beige couch terrace chair idea

The brown leather couch fits the carpet

Busnesli brown couch beige


The Italian furniture design company Busnelli describes the furniture as shapes and styles

Busnesli brown bright couch sofas A magnificent living room with a gray design

Busnesli brown terrace

Black and white are classic colors

Busnesli brown white couch table modern The furniture of Busnelli is very modern

Busnesli brown white sofas couch Gray is a favorite color of Busnelli

Busnesli brown white A living room with a view over the city

Busnesli couch elegant black tables The Italian style can be seen

Busnesli gray couch table A cow skin rug fits the modern couch

Busnesli cow carpet brown couch window terrace

White furniture contrasts with the gray walls Busnesli living room white dark This living room is very cozy

modern living room White has a calming effect

Ocean view white furniture A magnificent interior design

white interior design couch A classic look of Busnelli

white living room furniture


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