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Magic wood jewelry – handmade rings from Secret Wood Rings

Secret Wood Rings is a Canadian online store that is fabulous wooden jewelry sold. The original pieces are handmade and enchant with a lot of imagination and originality.

Handmade wooden jewelry to admire

Magic jewels that make every delicate hand look even more adorable and astonishing at the same time. After the winter collection, which captivates with dreamy snowy landscapes, we are delighted with the original creations of Secret Wood.

The latest wooden rings are fabulous worlds – enchanted forests and mystical mountains, mysterious seabeds, and magnificent flowers. Valuable wood is processed with much hand skill and feeling and covered with transparent casting resin. However, The whole thing is then sanded and finished to admire.

Original Blossom Forest – wooden jewelry of a special kind

wooden jewelry ring flowers summer motifs handmade accessories

The Original Blossom Forest Ring is definitely one of our favorites. Here tender, pink flowers are sealed with the casting resin and then sanded. The light oak was skilfully processed and smoothed. The ring costs 121 euros in the online shop.

The Violet Flames ring

wooden jewelry wooden ring mountains crystals motive handmade accessories

This ring is no less effective and impressive. The purple-colored flames stand for strong spiritual energy, which has a calming and healing effect.

Delicate Dark Arctic Forest

wooden jewelry wood ring casting resin blue forest

With this ring, you can carry the whole galaxy by your hand. It consists of tropical Red Balau wood and blue-dyed resin. This is to order for only 99 euros.

Amethyst Forest

wooden jewelry wooden ring mountains forest handmade

A little more girlish is the Amethyst Forest Ring. Dark oak kisses rose-colored resin in an enchanting way and becomes an exquisite piece of jewelry that makes the hearts of many women beat faster.

Ethereal Blossom Forest Secret Wood Rings

wooden jewelry wooden ring pink flowers resin handmade jewelry

Just as happy and summery is the Ethereal Blossom Forest Ring. Dark, hard tropical wood and delicate flowers, as well as snow shining in the dark, create a beautiful, balanced combination that you can get sent home with ease.

Enchanted Forest

wooden jewelry wooden ring mountains forest motif handmade

But if you are more in the mood for enigmatic landscapes, then the Enchanted Forest Ring just right for you. With it, you have your very own enchanted forest by the hand.

Waltz of the Winds

wooden jewelry wooden ring handmade mountains fog starry sky

Green Millettia Laurentii Forest

wooden jewelry wooden ring handmade forest motif

Rocky Lagoon

wooden jewelry wooden ring sea forest motifs handmade

Red Forest

wooden jewelry wooden ring red resin handmade jewelry

White Flower Forest

wooden jewelry wooden ring white flowers handmade jewelry gift ideas

Mysterious underwater landscape

wooden jewelry ring made of wood sea world handmade jewelry

Follow your dreams!

wooden jewelry wood ring forest mountains snow handmade jewelry made of wood

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