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Magical vintage jewelry – discover a beautiful, imaginative world!

vintage jewelry glass earrings round moss

Chic vintage jewelry that will enchant you

Are you into fairytale films like Inkheart, the Starwalker or Lord of the Rings? Would you like to carry a piece of the magical atmosphere with you? Yes, it is possible and in the literal sense. For example, with the fabulous vintage jewelry by Sandra. We spotted them while browsing the internet.


She started working on her dream hobby two years ago. You can buy the enchanting jewelry online when you are on Etsy go or just search for Online Shop Some Magic. Suddenly, a mystical world opens up in front of you – round, glassy earrings full of dandelions, unique vintage rings, leather bracelets, enchanting necklaces studded with moss, starfish or decorated with colorful, dry flowers.

Vintage earrings full of moss

vintage jewelry glass earrings round moss

The artist makes each piece with passion and adds a dose of her imagination. This is how they create their beautiful works of art, which you can wear with an exclusive feeling. They are unique and enchant anyone who takes them in the hand. So prepare to be banished! With a pinch of elven dust, a soft glow of moonstone, a strand of unicorn hair, and of course some magic, it always feels like being in another fairy-tale world. Sandra’s vintage jewelry is like a materialization of her magical imagination. Each piece of jewelery has its own special aura and tells a different story. Find your own vintage jewelry and feel extraordinary and special every day! Enjoy browsing!

Carry the big car by the ears

vintage jewelry big dare star constellation constellation

Robust bracelet with filigree tendril ornaments

vintage jewelry green bracelet leather


Elegant moss pendant

vintage jewelry green chain pendant moss

Galactic necklace with crescent moon

vintage jewelry crescent necklace

Enchanting Planet Necklace

vintage jewelry necklace pendant

Summery necklace pendant with lavender

vintage jewelry necklace pendant round lavender

Glass ball and dried flowers

vintage jewelry necklace glass of dry flowers

Leather bracelets with starry sky

vintage jewelry leather bracelets starry sky

The magic of the dandelion

vintage jewelry fairytale dandelion

Wear tiny starfish on your neck

vintage jewelry metal starfish chain pendant

Elven-worthy necklace made of glass and brass

vintage jewelry moss glass round pendant chain

Small mussels in the bottle

vintage jewelry seashell necklace

The magical power of the moon in a ring

vintage jewelry ring full moon planet

Silver-colored, glass ball earrings

vintage jewelry round glass earrings


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