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Magnificent hair ornaments crowns from sea finds at Etsy

Hair accessories for real mermaids

Chelsea Shiels is the name of the 27-year-old florist from Melbourne, who makes these beautiful crowns. Yes, understood correctly. At the beginning, the artist created only hair accessories made of flowers, when one day she wanted to express her fascination with the beach and the sea through beautiful crowns of shells and snail shells. And she really did it. Her fabulous hair jewelry is worthy of a real mermaid and makes many women’s hearts beat faster. It is a fine handcraft with great attention to detail and a reasonable pinch of romance – a tribute to the eternal summer and the mysterious marine world.

Exotic shells and snail shells, combined with pearls, rhinestones and glitter – unique! Such crowns are often worn as a hair accessory for weddings or photoshootings. Every single piece of jewelery is unique and captivates with imagination and much refinement. Very often one feels with the crowns of Chelsea a unmistakable oriental connotation and is to think intuitively at 1001 Nights. Most of them are quite majestic and look quite opulent.

Sea finds become hair accessories

hair accessories wedding rhinestones seashells snail shells

These fit silver or gold chains and pendants as well as filigree stickers and gems. You can not see such a hair accessory every day and do not just wear it in everyday life. It is something very special and therefore a great gift idea for the sweetheart, the best friend, the daughter or the mother. This crown tells stories and leaves the soul.


It immediately becomes the undisputed eye-catcher and enchants with ingenuity and artful aura.

The magnificent hair jewelry crowns are easily online to order at Etsy , Take a look at the models that fascinated us here and continue browsing through Instagram. You will definitely find your favorites.

Have fun and stay fascinated!

A real dream of gold and silver

hair jewelry wedding golden hair glitter snails shells

Majestic of pearls, shells and rhinestones

wedding hippie vintage seashells snails mermaid

Become the queen of the beach party!

hair jewelry headdress wedding rhinestones blue hair mermaid

Fairytale opulence with a marine flair

headdress rhinestones seashells snail shells

If you stand on old gold

wedding hippie vintage seashells snail shells

For the wedding of a special kind

hair jewelry wedding beads gold shells rhinestone snails

Glitz and glamor in silver

wedding snail shells gold crystals glitter

All colors of the rainbow

hair accessories wedding rhinestones headdress crystals clams snails

Filigree face stickers

hair jewelry headdress wedding chains shells snail shells golden tattoos

Exoticism and fairy tales in one

headdress juwele seashells snail shell pendant mermaid

Colorful snail shells, rhinestones and pearls

hair accessories headdress mermaid pink hair nose ring

Rose Quartz for attraction of real love

hair ornaments headdress seashells snails pink quartz

Give a piece of oriental magic

crown pendant snail shells

Mysticism and lost treasures

hair jewelry crown maritime seashells snails rhinestones

hair ornaments headdress rhinestones pearls gold shells snail shell sea finds

For real boho style fanatics

hair accessories shells snail shells pendant pink hair

Unique with pointed shells, pearls and a lot of brilliance

hair accessories seashells snails sea finds

hair accessories snail shells pendants blue hair

hair jewelry maritime snail shells marine findings pearl shells

hair accessories beach wedding seashells snails summer outfit

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