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Magnificent home furnishings in colonial style

Colonial style – characteristics and furnishings

If you like luxury and exoticism in the interior, then the colonial style designs are just for you! They are very easily confused with some ethnic styles. Unfortunately, this knowledge is not widespread and this could lead to not very successful combinations, which show a low level of knowledge and accordingly for a not very high standard of living.

Exoticism, honor and splendor

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The colonial style refers to the adventurous discovery of new earth in the 17th century. He was mainly distributed among the colonial powers, who were mainly from Britain, Holland, Spain and France. In the new environment, the colonial conquerors sought to preserve their own style as well as integrate some of the charming elements of the culture found in architecture and design.

In a sense, this is a mixture of Western and Eastern traditions.

Characteristic features of the colonial style are:

  • Eclectic, mixing different ethnic styles within an interior design.
  • Varied materials, matt surface textures;
  • Lots of open space, light and natural colors.
  • Animal patterns on textiles and furniture;
  • Bright accents and large-scale details;

Hot climate and close to nature

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Most Europeans were impressed by the hot climate and beautiful nature in the conquered territories. This is also reflected in the architecture in the colonial style. The premises are big and wide. There is a lot of natural light, which flows through large windows and wide doors.
You will not find a strict division of space here. The space is maximally open and the division into different zones happens over colonnades.

Wood and stone

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Wood and stone are in great demand in interior design. They have a leading role in the cladding of interior walls, ceilings and floors. Coarse plaster and painting are typical methods of wall processing.

Also wood panels can be used for wall cladding.


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In the eyes of many, the colonial style has a feminine touch. This is probably due to the widespread use of textiles.

The textiles mainly meet the following criteria:

Natural materials, maximum natural colors and nuances, tissues with plant motifs. Exotic patterns such as zebras, giraffes, leopards etc.The exotic plants are also obligatory for the colonial style.

Luxury and exoticism in the colonial style

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A mix of Western and Eastern traditions

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The natural materials are a typical feature of the colonial style

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In the eyes of many, the colonial style has a feminine touch

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Home decor with lots of natural light

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Wood and stone are in great demand in interior design

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Introduce a historical flair in your facility

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A summery decor in colonial style

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Leather upholstery conveys a luxurious feeling

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Home furnishings with typical pieces of furniture

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A furnishing idea in French colonial style

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The natural textiles are the alpha and omega of the colonial-style décor

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Coarse plaster and painting are typical methods of wall processing

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Set up your living room in a noble style

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