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Maintain the ornamental well and avoid possible dangers

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Avoid the dangers of ornamental wells

The associations which ornamental fountains usually give are quite positive. But they also harbor many dangers. It is good that one is informed about it before the establishment.

So you would always be on the safe side and not spoil the fun by bad experiences.

To avoid unwanted accidents

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In the first place you should think about the safety of the children. They often tend to underestimate the dangers. At the same time, they feel again and again from the ornamental fountains attracted.

In order to avoid the dangers associated with children, it would be best to physically restrict the space around the pool. There are many means which are suitable. A fence made of different materials, which does not affect the beauty of the garden, serves this purpose very well.

Of course, the fence should be so high that the little ones can not skip it and so low, so you can watch the beauty of the ornamental fountain.

Once the children, who visit the garden regularly, have grown up, you can remove the fence again.

Insects and various diseases

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The water also attracts specific insects and thus also possible diseases. Also, you can easily get a mosquito bite here. For children this is even more dangerous than for adults. Invest in special facilities, and perhaps in plants that tend to drive away insects from the garden.

You can also develop the habit of repellent before going out into the garden in summer.

The pets

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If you have different pets at home and they walk freely in the garden, there are also additional dangers. Their falling in the water must also be avoided.

Some pets, such as dogs, enjoy swimming in the water. However, be sure to properly disinfect the water source afterwards. Otherwise, touching people with the water can then put them in danger. You also want to avoid that, right?

Thus, we also come to the subject of water quality

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There are special facilities on the market that allow you to control the water quality. You must have this facility. Thus, the health hazards of which was just talk, avoid.

The material

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The water quality and the associated health risks are very much related to the material that is used. Find out in detail what kind of care this requires and draw the conclusions as to whether the effort is feasible for you.

We wish you pleasant summer days outside around your ornamental fountain!

Enjoy the hours around the ornamental fountain

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Keep the garden well in a clean condition

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