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Make a photo wall yourself – creative inspiration for your favorite pictures

Would you like to make a photo wall yourself?

The advancing digitization and networking is certainly no longer an integral part of our lives. That’s true. Nevertheless we crave more and more often for more deceleration and romance in everyday life. Because still the screens of our smartphones and tablets can not replace the unique experience when viewing beautiful prints or murals. Maybe that’s why many of us prefer to have a real collection of pictures at home or in the office or to make a nice photo wall ourselves, where unforgettable moments, exciting events or loved ones are immortalized.

Did you ever want to do a photo wall yourself? We have some creative ideas ready for you.

For a DIY photo wall you need no previous knowledge or special skills. With minimal time and a bit of creativity everything can be done perfectly. Of course, you should ask a few questions in advance, which are important for creating the photo wall. For example, where do I want the photo wall – in the living room, in the hall or perhaps in the kitchen? Which topic will this bring? Will the photos be black and white or will the pictures be more colorful for my project? Do I want to make the photo wall with framed pictures or rather casual with loose prints?

Stylish photo wall for true minimalists

make photo wall itself black white photos

The answers to these and other questions will help you a lot in designing your photo wall. Now all you have to do is turn the selected photos into prints or canvas pictures and you’re ready to go. With many experts in this area, you can easily order photos online, such as CEWE photo service ,

Here are not only photos in all sizes and formats on high-quality photo paper available, but also many other products that would be quite suitable for your photo wall.

We especially recommend the Art Prints. A great idea! This will allow you to display your favorite moments and people in a playful and individual way. You can choose from Mini Prints, Square Prints, Fine Art Prints or Retro Prints. All are perfect for creating stunning photo wall designs, depending on your taste and personal preference. Of course, the prints can also be combined with each other. The retro version even comes in a stylish storage box to your home.

So, dare and let your creativity run wild!

And now a bit more concrete about our DIY photo wall ideas:

One of our favorite ideas for designing a creative photo wall is definitely the fairytale version with fairy lights and clothespins ( here ). This is not only easy to make, but it also looks incredibly romantic. Such a photo wall creates always and everywhere a contemplative mood and an intimate feeling of security.

Try it out!

Creative romance on the wall

make photo wall itself lichterketten photo prints photos

For true lovers of industrial style, the alternative is to make a photo wall yourself, with the help of wooden strips and metal wire, as shown below. Here you can, for example at hardware stores like OBI look. They offer everything from the wooden strips to the nails for fixing ….

Creativity kisses Industrial

make photo wall yourself black white photos metal wire wooden boards


Very great can also use colorful washi tape strips as a picture frame. This DIY idea is especially recommended for the small budget. She also brings with her an extra dose of good humor. Setting up a room-high cork wall and using it as a display surface for your photo wall would also be quite original and effective.

And for those of you who are not so fond of DIY and home improvement, there’s another, very convenient option: special picture bars. These are available in different versions on the market and can be easily mounted on the wall.

Extra tip: It does not matter if you design your photo wall with or without framed pictures, you should plan in advance with cardboard templates that match the desired size of the photos.

We wish you a lot of fun in the design of your DIY photo wall and a good luck!

A colorful photo collage in the frame

Make your own fotokollage fotokollage tinker color pictures

A heart full of memories and unforgettable moments

photo wall itself make colorful photos wall design

Classic DIY photo wall with picture bars

photo wall itself make black white photos fotoleist


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