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Make beautiful decorations with ivy …

Decorative ideas with ivy for DIY

The evergreen ivy with its delicate leaves and flexible branches is a perfect decoration alternative for home and garden. It is also ideal for those of you who want to turn the living space into a cozy green oasis. Here are some ideas on how to do this …

The ivy in the garden

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The ivy is one of the most popular representatives of the evergreen climbing shrubs in the garden. Its beauty is the reason why it is used as a natural decoration for gazebos and canopies. In addition to the romantic atmosphere created by the ivy, its leaves protect us from the hot sunshine and turn every pergola into a green oasis during the summer months.

To create a “green wall”, place some large pots in the corners of the pergola and tie the ivy branches to the beams or grid.

A romantic outdoor area

ivy flower decoration deco crafts

Planted and growing on the house facade, it will give your home an aristocratic charm while contributing to an original and refined appearance of the building. For a larger effect, you can put different types of ivy next to each other. In this way, they will intertwine and provide a fairytale sight of flowing sounds.

Ivy as a decoration in the interior

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The ivy is not a plant that must necessarily be grown outdoors. Even at home and on the balcony, you can create an ivy wall, like this one for the gazebo.

The simple appearance of ivy allows you to use it as decoration for various objects, to experiment with it and to include it as part of the house.

Exuberant table decoration

flower decoration make ivy flower decoration

A beautiful and subtle table decoration is a basket of flowers or fruit, decorated with some ivy branches. An even more extravagant idea is to make an improvised candle holder yourself. Take an old roof tile and decorate it with an ivy wreath, dried flowers, orange peel and put a round candle in the middle.

You can also enrich the bouquet of fresh ivy with a few branches.

Green door wreath

floral decoration deco craft ivy

You can try out another great decoration idea: make a green door wreath with this evergreen plant. This wreath can also be used as a decoration for the kitchen wall – everything is a matter of personal imagination and creativity.

Creative deco ideas with ivy

make your own deco flowers flower decoration

Do you need an original window decoration or an improvised door curtain? Hang some cord pieces on the curtain rail or directly on the door frame. Tie real or artificial ivy twigs on the cord and let it hang down. If desired, you can decorate the windowsill with scented candles for a romantic finish.

The ivy is much used at bridal bouquets

bouquet bridal bouquet flower decoration make yourself

Let your imagination run wild

decor tinker flower decoration ivy

The simple appearance of the ivy makes it possible to use it as decoration for various objects

deco tinker ivy flower decoration

The ivy is one of the most popular representatives of the evergreen climbing shrubs in the garden

decorate ivy flower decoration

Give your house an aristocratic charm

ivy hedera helix flower decoration

Even as a bathroom plant the ivy is well suited

bath decorate floral decoration ideas

The evergreen ivy is a perfect decoration alternative for home and garden

flower decoration plant ideas garden design

Make for a romantic table atmosphere

table decoration floral decoration plant ideas deco crafts

Fairytale decoration for the bedroom

room decorating plant ideas flower decoration

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