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Make pompoms: garland and other decoration ideas

After some review articles we would like to show you concrete ideas for Christmas decorations. Here’s how to make pompoms and use them for decoration. The guide and the other pictures contain colors that fit well with different celebrations. Choose the right shades You can also use the idea for Christmas. It is especially good if you are looking for something easy to do in winter!

So great can look a homemade garland of pompoms!

1 bombs ready

So prepare yourself if you want to make pompons

First you have to choose different colors for your decoration from pompons. Three to five must be enough to achieve a stylish and colorful effect. We recommend that you take enough time for this step. Compare the interaction of different color palettes.

Take into consideration the space you want to decorate with the pompoms.

For decoration with pompons you usually choose between 3 and 5 colors

2 Homemade pompons of different colors

You will need these materials for a garland of pompoms

We describe in our guide how to make a garland of pompoms. Here are the required materials:

  • Yarn,
  • Business card or a small piece of cardboard,
  • Scissors,
  • Needle and thread.

In the first step you wrap the yarn for the pompons around a small box!

3 candies make the beginning

Instructions: make a pompom and make a garland out of it

Wrap the yarn around a business card or cardboard of the same size. Do this until you have a thick layer of it. You can experiment with this stage of crafting. Try different thickness layers. This also depends on the thickness of your pompom! Decide for yourself how big it should be.

The size of the layer depends on the size of the pompons

4 First Pompon ready

Once you have wrapped the desired layer of yarn, take the scissors. Now cut at the desired location as shown in the image below.

Now it continues with the work! Next, cut another piece of yarn. In our guide this is about 30 cm long. Pull this piece of yarn between the cardboard and the yarn wrapped around it. How you do that roughly can be seen in the picture below.

Would so much yarn be enough for your pompom?

5 candy itself make materials

Next, carefully remove the bundle of yarn from the box. Now use the ends of the 30 cm long yarn to tie them together. These two steps of the crafting process are shown on the next two photos!

The bundle for the pompom must be removed very carefully from the box

Make 6 pompoms at the beginning of the process

Tie very carefully so that a good structure is created!

7 Making Bommel Bommel

Cutting the loop tips is a very important part of crafting

8 Complete the finished pompom

Next you should cut off the tips of the loops of the bundle. You have already made a pomp!

Now all you have to do is level the tips with the help of the scissors. The flat surface is very important for the appealing result!

This bobble is almost done!

9 materials other technique for pompons

Now you just have to adjust the tips with scissors

Make 10 bobbles Cut off ends

Now make several pompoms according to the same principle. Step by step you can master many of them in different colors. The sizes can vary as desired. In our example, there are always the same big pompons to see. However, the different sizes would provide an interesting dynamic!

This is how the finished pompoms look like in the ideal case

11 Multi-colored pompons ready

Make the garland of pompoms

Now take the needle and the thread in your hand. The latter should be either neutral or in a shade similar to the yarn. Pass the needle through the middle of the various pompoms and attach them one by one to the chain.

The most pleasant part is the tying of the pompoms

12 pompom garland begin

And that’s the almost finished garland made of pompoms

13 garland of pompons finished

Once you have attached all the pompons to the chain, release at each end about 15 cm of thread. If you then hang the garland, you can handle the distances between the different pompoms. There are also variations for garland with pompoms, which are very close to each other. Such can be found in some of the pictures below.

At this point you just have to tie the ends of the garland together

14 different pompons on the table

Finally, hang the garland at the desired location in the room. In this case it represents a colored accent in front of a white wall. This solution is chosen very often. In our case, the background is in a great shade and there are more green patterns on it. The colorful chain brings extra mood and spread festive mood in the room. Also for Christmas this idea could be suitable!
Also check out our remaining inspirational pictures for decoration with pompoms!

So beautiful is this simple wall decoration, is not it?

15 ready terrain on the wall

Here are some great decoration ideas with pompoms

Bommel make pink white and blue

Bommel garland as a fireplace decoration

Bommel make in several colors

Make a decoration for a rustic wall of pompoms

If you make pompoms, you can use them for deco of a vintage room

Make decoration for the shelf bommel

Decoration for a tree Pompons

Colorful garland as a wall decoration

Finished wall design from pompoms

Pompoms are great decoration for the nursery

Bommel for the cot

Garland of trees Idea for crafting in winter

Garland of pompons as a yellow accent

Tinker in the winter - garland

Pompons are great for crafting in winter. And also for the decoration of this season.

Cuddly decoration in winter tinker idea

Multicolored garland of pompoms

Pompoms in many different shades

Shelf decoration made of pompoms

The following wall decoration with pompons is simple, but great!

Wall decoration ideas with pompoms

Wall decoration with pompoms for rustic wall in white

Make wall decoration garland yourself


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