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Make table decoration yourself – simple and stylish ideas for every occasion

There is no season for creativity. We are completely convinced of that. With a little hand skill and imagination, you can create beautiful creations, even with the simplest materials and objects, in every season. Today it’s about how you can make stylish and simple table decorations yourself. The clever ideas that we have put together for you are very easy to implement and fascinate with their simple elegance and personal touch.

In our collection of ideas we have put an emphasis on natural materials and vintage look. Some of these are chic Autumn decoration while others are concerned with the reuse of old things and their re-functioning, and yet others showcase fresh flowers and plants in an original and elegant way. Depending on the occasion and of course to taste you can either make your table decoration very lush or very dignified and rather simple.

Pumpkins and rosehips are not only beautiful, but also very practical

table decoration itself make autumnal decoration pumpkin berries

Pay attention to even the smallest details. Do not allow a withered flower or a spoiled berry to miss the whole decoration picture. You’ve probably heard it many times before, that the eye kicks. So arrange the table with love and sensitivity. Match the decoration with the tablecloth, the cutlery and of course the napkins.

Even if you like spontaneity and lightness, you can make your table decoration yourself in a perfect way.

Put some shiny accents here and there

table decoration itself make pumpkins gold silver spray

Take a look at these original deco ideas and marvel at how the simplest solutions are actually the most imaginative and the most original. Have you already tried to arrange green apples in a glass container? Or maybe you have ever cooled your drinks in a pumpkin? No? Then you should definitely try something exciting. And if you do not like any of our table decoration ideas, then these will certainly be very useful for you, at least as an inspiration. Have fun watching and trying!

Fine table decoration for vintage fanatics

table decoration itself make vintage glasses

Sustainable and self-sufficient with a pinch of nostalgia

table decoration itself make old books einweckglas

Fairytale and flowery with wrapping paper and thin twigs

table decoration itself make branches colorful wrapping paper sheets

Even just a log can make a big difference

make table decoration yourself tree disk colorful bouquet of flowers

Some mason jars and a few bright colors can do wonders

table decoration itself make painted mason jars vases

If you like freshness and exoticism

Make yourself a DIY DIY pineapple

An unconventional candlestick with bottle cork

table decoration itself make bottle cap glass container

It can be that easy too

table decoration itself make glass containers green apples

Rustic flair at the table

table decoration itself make planter birch bark sisal rope

The traces of time as a decorative element

table decoration itself make roses mason jar old books

Unique vases of gourds

table decoration itself make vases dahlia roses

Barley and wheat ears are quite popular and often used in late summer and fall decoration

table decoration itself make wheat halves

Even with a few knotted sisal threads you can achieve an optimal effect

table decoration itself make wind lights mason jars floating candles sisal

Create your very special table decoration in autumn

table decoration itself make diy ideas autumn winter


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