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Make the house facade – renew the look of your house with great flowers

designing ideas for the house facade

Do you want to renew your facade? Do this through some great flowers

Is it time to renew your facade? Which is the reason? Is she in really bad shape? Or maybe there are some places where the color has become obsolete or dropped? Maybe it’s just that you feel like making your “business card” a bit more interesting and different.

Sometimes this can be easier than you think. This can happen through great decoration. Yes, that is also possible here and not only in the interior design.

In this case, the decoration can hardly be other than flowers. All our ideas for renovating the façade are linked to these.

Design the house facade with blooming flowers

house facade frame with flowers

The first tip that we have prepared is associated with spicing up the windowsill. Crown them with a wreath of green (with climbing plants, for example!). Spice up the windowsill with small flower pots with bright flowers. Such solutions work best in front of colorful walls in pink, yellow and blue.

Refresh the gray facade with beautiful flower petals

Hasfassade freshen up with flowers

Gray facades sometimes need very few colored accents to achieve an incredible effect. Put a few flowerpots with flowers in pink, blue, yellow, red on the railings in front of the windows or on small terraces if you have them.

Sometimes decorative elements with floral shapes can also achieve the same effect. This approach can be a bit more complicated at first. But in the long run, it requires less care than any other variant.

Plant a few bushes in front of the house facade

house facade design flowers planting

There is little damage, but you do not want to renew the entire facade? Why do not you plant some shrubs or trees in front of it? Or maybe you could plan this together with the facade from the beginning. So they will contribute to the house design again and again.

Set different colored flowerpots

put colorful flowerpots

You can attach pots at appropriate intervals and plant them with plants in a variety of colors. This will refresh the appearance, beautify it, and make it alive in the true and figurative sense of the word.

In this case, however, you should make sure that the flowerpots are well secured and do not injure anyone on the street.

Charm everyone in front of the front door

purple flowers for the house facade design

Do you have a small window that looks out to the forecourt and is next to the front door? Why do not you please all visitors by spicing up their look? Surround it with small, brightly colored flowerpots and place a small table with floral elements in front of it.

Cover the exfoliated color with shrubs

trees for the house facade design

Blooming flowers in the same facade color

cuff design flowers

Climbers for the facade design

climbing plants facade design

Put large flower pots in front of the house facade

house facade shape flower

Cover the facade with roses

renew the facade design

Cover damaged façade areas with flowers

house facade renew facades design

Decorate your house with green plants

House facade with green plants

The flowers attract attention

house facade fashion floral ideas

A modern facade design

great house facade shape modern facade design

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