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Make wall decoration yourself – 24 great decoration ideas for the empty wall!

Incredibly light decoration ideas that you can realize yourself

The creative wall design at home is a topic for which many people have been very interested in recent years. It looks like you can beautify your home in the fastest and most riskless way this way. To the creative wall Often you resort to this because you do not have so many available resources or because you live in a rental apartment. This method is helpful whenever you want to give a room an original and modern look without investing too much. So there is no wonderful temporary solution.

Today we have a large selection Decorating ideas ready for you. They are very versatile and can be adapted to individual needs again and again.

Make wall decoration yourself – photo wall

decorating ideas decorating yourself make wall decoration yourself

A photo wall sounds banal for the first time. But there can be a lot behind it. photo walls can also be done in a variety of ways. The pictures can be hung by using wire or rope. They can also be glued to the wall. Maybe we prefer to choose the variant with the pins.

The photo wall can be designed in black and white or very colorful. It can also be dedicated to a variety of topics: The photo wall can represent your family experiences or include a collection of holiday pictures.

Ornate poster

Decorate Room Decorate Decorate Wall Decor yourself

Do you love the art? Maybe Pop Art is exactly your thing? Show your hobby through the creative wall design and spice up a room at the same time. With well selected artful posters we can create an incomparably original accent wall.

Drawn frame

decorate apartment decorate wall decoration yourself

You love the classics, but do not know how to integrate them into your modern home? Why do not you draw original picture frames on the white wall? This is really playful: one or the other guest might think at the first moment that they are real picture frames. That’s funny and exciting, right?

Decorative plates hanging on the wall

make a flat decorating wall decoration yourself

One or the other may not have thought of this possibility. Surely they also think many people are bizarre. Actually, it is a very common trend in interior design, which has just recently become popular again. Incidentally, there are special plates that are intended for wall design. They are flatter and lighter, and of course they can be used more easily in wall design. Such decorative plates, which are intended for wall design, are also cheaper than the usual dishes.

Wall design with textiles

make deco make wall decoration yourself

Here is still a very cheap and well-functioning idea for the wall design. For these you have to take different substances. Perhaps you have remnants of those that look beautiful and that you do not want to throw away because of that? Do not worry if you’re different: Maybe this will make great patchwork ideas come true.

Make wall decoration yourself – maps

Decorate room wall decoration yourself

Do you want to travel again? Does it draw you to other countries and continents? Visualize your wish by refreshing the wall with maps. This can also make your daily routine a lot easier.

Wall design with letters and fonts

make wall decoration yourself

Letters on the wall are also a very popular trend from the last few years. Not only does he become more pronounced, he also gains new forms. You can decorate the wall with a sentence or a quote. Or you can attach a puzzle of letters there. These are just a few of many great variations. Walls with inscriptions can also be colored very original. The shape of the letters can also contribute to a stylish look.

Walls with dotted pattern or other interesting elements

Decorating ideas make wall decoration yourself

The next ideas are very suitable for the children’s room. But they can not be used exclusively there. The dotted patterned walls are just cute. But even better are those with hearts and other romantic motives. Carefully choose both the background and the decoration of the decorative elements.

Make wall decoration yourself – lights on the wall

Make your own ideas yourself

Do you want a little more magic at night in your room? Then you design the wall with lights. There are some very simple ideas with which you can realize this. We put the accent on the wall design with fairy lights. These can also be added to other elements. For example, you can design a picture wall. Instead of rope or wire, use the fairy lights. These can be turned on at night or on certain occasions. Then you and your guests can enjoy a unique atmosphere in the ambience.

Imitate an expensive wall design

decorating the wall itself decorating the wall

Do you want wooden cladding or another noble solution for your wall? Even if you can not afford them yet, you can already introduce their charm into the house to a certain extent. You only have to choose textiles, paper, or other materials that mimic the appearance of these more noble solutions.

The displayed wall design ideas are modern and easy to implement. They are also very transformable. By changing a color or a pattern, they can be integrated into virtually any design. We hope that you have found something for yourself or that we have motivated you to look for other easy and good-looking wall design ideas on the Internet.

Let’s come up with something original and interesting

decorate wall decor itself make room decorate

Are you a fan of beautiful ideas that also have a practical purpose?

wall decoration living room make wall decoration yourself

Make a luminous wall decoration yourself

decorate deco ideas make your own wall decoration yourself

Make wall decoration yourself – The newspaper pages are a trendy wall design idea

decorate tinker apartment decorate wall decoration yourself

This wall decoration can be created by fabric or painted paper

wall decoration decorating ideas

Integrate a specific pattern as a room accent

deco ideas make deco wall decoration yourself

Make wall decoration yourself – Spread a holiday mood in the hallway

deco ideas wall decor itself make room decorate

The photo wall can represent your family experiences

photo wall wall decor itself make room decorate

Make wall decoration yourself – show your love for nature

Wanddeko itself make decoide decorate the room

Tell your travel stories through home-made wall decoration

wall decorating yourself make apartment decorate

The family rules as a wall decoration

decorate apartment decorate room wall decor yourself

Make wall decoration yourself – an idea for vintage decoration

Decorate your room Decorate your own ideas Make your own wall decoration

Making wall decoration yourself – every family has a story!

Wanddeko itself make deco tinker

decorate the room decorate the wall decoration yourself

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