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Make wall decoration yourself – an artistic decoration idea with moss

Moss to make wall decoration itself

We know that all gardening ideas are very useful, but if they can be used in other areas as well, then these ideas are all the more practical. Are you looking for a next DIY project to beautify the garden or brick wall? Do you want to deal with it in your spare time and maybe start a new hobby that will make you even more proud.

Every statement of artistic thought can be done in a convincing way. So, why not use an easy and impressive way to express your personality? For example with the help of a moss technique. With this you can master everything – from graffiti to a handprint. Decorate any unobtrusive wall that does not look particularly good with its own artwork – with a message, geometric figure or animal silhouette. See how easy it works!

Make wall decoration yourself – the technology

Make wall decoration yourself

All you have to do is get some moss out of a damp place (curb, old bricks or other hard surfaces). Free the moss of earth and roots as much as possible.

Then add the cleanly washed moss to the blender and add 2 cups of milk, 2 cups of water or beer and 1/2 tsp of sugar.

Turn the blender on at maximum speed until it becomes a smooth consistency. Then pour the mixture into a bucket.

Green font for inside and outside

Make your own wall decoration yourself

Take a paintbrush and dip it in the green mixture. Write or draw something on the chosen “canvas” as you wish. After a few weeks the green moss will start to grow. Sprinkle it with water at least once a week. And if the moss grows too much after a certain amount of time, prune it to preserve the shape.

That’s all! In our picture gallery you can collect inspiration and ideas on how to apply this moss technique. Have fun with wall decoration yourself …

Make a great wall decor with green moss

decor yourself make craft ideas wall decoration yourself


A light moss graffiti technique

Wall decoration itself make moss graffiti

Make wall decoration yourself – There are no limits to creativity

Make your own wall decoration yourself

Every statement of artistic thinking manages to convince

wall decoration itself make wall decoration ideas

The necessary care for keeping the shape is a must

Make moss graffiti wall decoration yourself

Design any wall with this great moss technique

decor yourself make wall decoration yourself

Express your personality in an impressive way!

make deco ideas wall decoration yourself

Convince every visitor

wall decoration itself make moss graffiti

Make your own wall paintings yourself

Make moss art wall decoration yourself

You can apply this technique to any type of wall

wall decoration ideas moss deco wall deco itself

Combine moss with succulents

make wall decoration ideas wall decoration yourself

Spice up the old corridor wall

make wall decoration itself make wall decoration itself

Let your creativity take over your mind and body

make wall decoration yourself

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