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Make Washi Tape Wanddeko yourself and other uses

The wall decoration ideas can never be enough. Everyone is looking for something new and interesting to decorate. Today we have a suggestion for wall decoration to do with Washi Tape.

Washi Tape is nothing else than Tesafilm. Originally invented in Japan, these Tesafilme are colorful, provided with various patterns and become very popular worldwide. The washi tape owes its fame to its enormous application possibilities and the decorative value. Meanwhile, you have a large selection of sizes, colors and patterns. Whereas in the past you had to order the reels in online shops and then they had to travel all the way from China to get to the customer, the Washi Tape reels are to be found on every corner today. Fairly inexpensive, you can now experiment with it carefree!

Colored wall decor with washi tape

Deco ideas to make yourself with wshi tape

Make wall decoration yourself with Washi Tape

The Washi Tape-Tesafilme are perfect not only for the decoration of small accessories, but also for large surfaces, such as the walls. With it you can put great colored accents on the barren white living room or bedroom wall.

If you like it colorful and beautiful, then you will surely like the following idea: Decorate your wall with different colored triangles …

You need the following:

  • Washi Tape in different colors and sizes
  • scissors
  • box cutters
  • pencil
  • tape measure

make wall decoration yourself with washi tape

And this is how it is done:

First, measure the wall and mark the center with a pencil. Also set the desired height and width of the triangles. The marked triangle height can be slightly higher if you put furniture in front of it.

Keep in mind: For the wall decoration to look good, the particular wall should be smooth and clean. Also check if the selected Washi Tape can be easily attached. Sticking the longer triangle sides is a bit difficult. Ask someone to help you with this.

One person should hold the tape up and stick it on and the other down. Cut off the ribbon and pass the entire length of the hand to secure it well. Make sure it’s just pasted on. Repeat the same with the other side of the triangle.

In the same way you stick different colored Washi Tapes by leaving about 6 cm distance between each one. The order should be set in advance.

Carefully cut off the triangle tips with a cardboard knife and you’re done.

As you could see, it is very easy to make an interesting and original wall decoration yourself with your own hands and for a reasonable price.

Let your imagination run wild and create complicated figures on the wall. But choose colors that match your decor. From us you get numerous examples in picture what you can decorate everything with Washi Tape.

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