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Making Easter eggs is a real pleasure

easter eggs decorate easter crafts colored tulips

Making Easter Eggs – 6 different ideas for crafting with real Easter eggs

Easter and thus the easter eggs handicrafts are getting closer and closer. Just preparing for it makes for a great atmosphere at home. An important question is facing every good housewife, namely, how to make real Easter eggs the best.

Today we will be presenting some very valuable ideas that can be used in projects with real boiled eggs.

The Easter egg could be a chick or an Easter bunny

easter eggs decorate yellow easter chick easter

You could create a real work of art

Easter eggs painted colored floral elements

Create colored Easter eggs

Easter Eggs Paint Colored Easter Craft Ideas

Is not that a nice visual effect?

Easter eggs decorate stains water color

Cooking easter eggs

The first essential step to making easter eggs is of course the right cooking. They have to be perfectly clean and washed. Then the eggs are used in cold salt water. After the water is already boiling, the eggs must remain in this between 10 and 12 minutes. After they are done, you need to let them cool well. Then you should dry them carefully, but very well. Already they are ready for the process of elaborate editing.

The process of painting Easter eggs is something very funny and creative

decorate easter eggs colored make easter

Decorate the Easter egg only with white paint

Easter eggs decorate natural color white easter craft ideas

Paint the easter eggs

Probably the easiest way to make Easter eggs is to paint them with food colors and decorate them. There are special food colors on the market that can be used, they are of course harmless. But if you prefer to decorate your Easter eggs with acrylic and varnish, then this should be done artificially. You can use different methods.

Funny Easter eggs create

easter eggs tinker easter eggs decorate paint colorful

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

Easter eggs decorate hello kitty

As for the techniques – they are very varied, but also very easy to use. The pictures we have chosen today speak for themselves.

Decorate the Easter eggs with style and taste

Easter eggs paint real artwork beautiful

This faded effect can be easily achieved

easter eggs paint color water easter craft ideas

Think your own pattern

easter eggs painted rosanuancen easter craft ideas

Is not that a living approach to the Easter eggs decoration?

painting easter eggs fresh fashion easter craft ideas

This easter egg looks like marbled

painted easter eggs marbled colored ideas easter

Need some new ideas …

In search of great ideas for you this year, we came across the great ideas of Lindsey Listanski. They were published in their blog two years ago. But they are a compilation of sources of inspiration, how to make particularly chic Easter eggs without having to invest much too much effort in it.

Decorate the Easter egg with chalk

Easter eggs crafting painting chalk easter

Dress easter eggs in napkins

easter eggs tinker easter craft paper sevietten

Paint the Easter eggs with paraffin

easter eggs crafting colored easter eggs easter crafting ideas paraffin

Decorate white Easter egg with real flowers

decorating easter eggs decorating flowers

These Easter eggs look very gentle

Easter eggs tinker easter eggs decorate small flowers

Decorate the easter eggs in white-black

decorate easter eggs tinker black white

Easter eggs with initials

An idea that we have found here, but which can certainly be used in other places, are the Easter eggs, which are decorated with initials. You can make the background in different colors and with different intensity. You can attach patterns with the letters in advance, or write down the appropriate initial with the help of a candle.

Paint the first letter of the name on the egg

Easter eggs decorate name letters original easter

Easter eggs patterned with leaves

Do you prefer to tinker with your eggs leaves and get so interesting patterned Easter coupons? The nice thing is that you can find an excuse to take a walk through the park. Pick leaves, leaves with particularly interesting shapes. Bring them to the Easter eggs and dip in paint or paint around them. Such a great result can result from it.

Flowers and leaves on the easter eggs

Easter eggs tinker decorate natural dye

Easter eggs wrapped in threads

We conclude with another inspiration, which can also be realized with real, boiled eggs. Easter eggs Tinker This is done by wrapping the various threads around it. You can create many different variations. This is especially suitable for people who are reluctant to mess up everything at home with paint, but want to experience the colorful joy of the festival.

Colored strings could serve you well to create a beautiful decoration

Easter eggs tinker with lace decorate easter

Original decoration, do not you think?

easter eggs decorate original interesting easter

Beautiful colorful easter eggs

decorate easter eggs beautiful paint freshly colored

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