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Making your own pallets: art made of pallets!

Everyone is looking for original decoration for their own home. The truth is that pallets can be used to create real art. The word “art” may sound complicated to some of you, but we will show you some projects that are very easy to implement. Making your own decoration is really easy! And it is these things that you have done with your own hands and effort that are the most valuable.

What should you prepare for?

  • Some palette bars – you should choose the number and the width yourself. Everything depends on the chosen design.
  • 2 additional, thinner strips for the base – these hold the pallet strips together by nailing them vertically on the back.
  • Stencil, vynil or cut out letters / images
  • Latex paint, primer or colored wood glue

Creative and impressive pallets make your own decoration

creative wall design paletten deko selbstmachen

The realization of the project

This is the simplest part and the most fun. Rely on your imagination – paint and draw everything by hand. Use stencils to glue various decorative elements made of ceramic, wood or other materials. Imagine that you are an artist and that is your canvas!

Let your kids join in as well. You will certainly be glad to participate in this work of art.

Now take a look at the next ideas for making your own pallets and let yourself be inspired!

Think of an encouraging font

great deco ideas with palettes

Varied typefaces

A wall decoration full of welcoming writings, favorite quotes and wise thoughts is not only beautiful, but also has a positive effect. Designing the fonts is a simple task that you can master with stencils or even by hand, in an authentic and original way.

Three-dimensional images by cutting

This idea requires a bit more effort to be successful. But the more creative natures among you will hardly find it hard. The effort is guaranteed to pay off, because the result is really impressive and stylish.

Create an effective wall decoration

creative decoration ideas diy ideas baletten ideas


Show your artistic talent

make palette decoration ideas wall decoration yourself

Art by hand

If you have a sophisticated artist, the best you can do is to take the brush and present what your imagination reproduces. And even if you are not an artist, there are some simple and simple elements that anyone could draw.

Additionally attached or glued elements

This is also a lightweight project with guaranteed beautiful effect. Stick or hang your family pictures to capture your happiest moments in a great way and watch them every day. Use flowers, fonts and other decorations as you wish to make the pallet deco even more beautiful.

Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and start making your own decoration with the pallets. Imagine what kind of atmosphere you want to introduce to your home and use all your imagination.

Also attach different elements as additional decoration

decorating palettes decorating yourself

Make a colorful heart out of pallets

creative ideas palettenm deco make yourself

Craft a whale made of wood

Dekko make pallets deco itself

Use all your creativity

maritime decor walldekom wood

Make for an original wall decoration

Make a wall decor yourself

Draw simple flowers and paint them with bright colors

diy ideas palette decor yourself

A great wall decoration for the baby room

deco ideas baby room make wall decoration yourself

With pallets you can make different thematic decorations

make versatile deco wall decorations yourself

decoration ideas bedroom palette decor ideas

A star with bright colors

star from palette make wall decoration ideas

Present your pictures in an original way

picture gallery itself make diy ideas

Original autumn decoration made of pallets

autumn deco palette decor yourself

wooden decoration ideas palette decoration ideas

Even the garden can be embellished with pallet decoration

deco ideas garden palette decor yourself

More nice and cool DIY ideas with pallets

Make creative decoration ideas yourself

creative wall decoration ideas diy ideas

original deco decoration palette decor yourself

Paletten Deko make your own art out of pallets!

palette decor ideas wall design wood

pallets decor palette furniture

pallets deco self-made deco ideas

palette decoration yourself make diy ideas

make simple wall decoration mselber

Clock yourself make palette decor

mural of palette palette decor

wall decor ideas creative deco ideas

wall decoration palette decor yourself

wall decoration ideas wall decoration wood

wall decorating palette ideas

Decorate wall with pallets

christmas decoration itself make cool deco ideas

world map wall decoration ideas diy ideas

living room wall decoration yourself make diy ideas

diy ideas with palette wall decoration ideas

interesting diy ideas palette ideas

stones paint palette decor yourself

pallets deco self-made creative wall design

palette wall decoration palette ideas

kamindeko himself make wall decoration ideas


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