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Maritime decoration: Great ideas that you can make yourself

“Summertime and the livin ‘is easy …”

That’s our inspiration for this article. Summer time leaves beautiful memories. The sun is shining and life is beautiful, but only from June to August in our geographic area.

Decoration ideas in maritime style

1. Marine decoration with shells

2. Creative craft ideas with starfish

3. Mirror and picture frame made of shells

4. Make creative wall decoration yourself

5. Decorate the staircase

Let yourself be inspired by the sea!

maritime decoration ideas to make yourself

What you can use everything

Keep the beautiful experiences in mind and may these serve as inspiration for you. You could realize so many cute and creative maritime decoration ideas. Take advantage of the shells collected on the beach in the summer and decorate picture frames, mirrors, candles or table legs. Beautify the wall with shells and starfish and be proud of your homemade decoration.

Dream of the beach and sand, decorate your apartment in coastal style

Deco Ideas Maritime Style DIY Do It Yourself

Here are a few maritime decoration ideas for you. Enjoy these examples and get started. Create a fresh, atmospheric atmosphere at your home and the next summer will definitely come faster.

DIY projects, inspired by your summer vacation

glass jars decorate themselves in maritime style

Make creative decoration ideas with shells and starfish

deco ideas maritime style diy itself make seascape

many ideas for marietime decoration

Starfish play wonderful decorative role

Home Decor Maritime Style DIY DIY Make Me Starry Decoration

Make a fancy curtain holder out of a starfish

deco ideas maritime style diy make your own starry curtains decoration

a door wreath as a maritime decoration

Seashells collected on the beach could decorate your dining table wonderfully

deco ideas maritime style diy diy making shells

Make picture frames out of shells for your summer holiday photos

deco ideas maritime style diy diy make picture frame

A mirror frame made of beautiful white shells

deco ideas maritime style diy yourself make mirror shells

dessert lamp with maritime decoration

A maritime decoration idea for creative summery wall decoration

Decoration Ideas Nautical Style DIY Makes Clams Decoration

Put new life into an outdated coat hook

deco ideas maritime style diy make yourselves hooves shells

Candles decorated with shells – probably you can find such in the shop

deco ideas maritime style diy itself make shells candles

Summer is coming soon … Have a little patience

deco ideas maritime style diy diy make wall decoration

Decorative shell chains remind you of the beautiful summer days

deco ideas maritime style diy self make shells chain

The railing in the staircase offers a good opportunity for decorating

deco ideas maritime style diy yourself make staircase rope
deco ideas maritime style diy yourself make clothes hoes

deco ideas maritime style diy self-made candlestick tealight

simple maritime decoration to make yourself

Lantern with maritime decoration

maritime decoration for the toilet


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