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Meaning of the colors of the Easter decoration – what do the typical Easter colors symbolize?

Every spring, millions of people around the world look forward to the coming Easter. Besides Christmas, it counts as the most important family celebration in the annual calendar of Germans. Therefore, it deserves a lot of effort and attention and the preparations for the Easter holidays start weeks before. Now the festival is getting closer and closer, so we want to give you some new decoration tips and practical hints on how to organize a nice Easter party for your friends and family. Today we want to take a closer look at the meaning of colors. We reveal the secret of what exactly the typical colors of Easter are and what symbolism they have been wearing for centuries to this day. Have you ever wondered what exactly the colors white or purple symbolize on the Easter table? Here you will find the answer and creative tips on how to use the typical Easter colors right in your Easter decorations.

decoration idea easter easter table decoration

Can you imagine the Easter without red colored eggs and Easter eggs? We do not!

If you celebrate Easter each year, you are certainly familiar with the traditions of this festival. Nevertheless, we believe that one could still learn something or learn something interesting.

Therefore, we only recommend that you browse our website for Easter decoration ideas. With us you will find numerous articles about it and learn where actually the Easter Bunny comes, how to get one Easter basket tinkers and Easter eggs colors ,

And before the kids go on egg hunt on Easter Sunday, you must bring your home with you colorful eggs and decorate the beautiful spring flowers for a feast and create a unique solemn atmosphere there. The symbolism of the typical Easter colors helps you to make the festive atmosphere even more appealing for all ages.

Depending on the meaning of the colors, Lila stands for wealth and prosperity

Easter decoration

  • Historical overview of the meaning of the colors at Easter

What you may not yet know is that all the pretty pastel colors associated with this Spring Festival have a deeper meaning when it comes to Easter, a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But the colors of the church festival and the robes worn by Catholic priests on the various holidays of the year change throughout the Christian calendar of the year and underline the different moods of the festivals and holidays. Sometimes it is enough to just hint at them.

Pink colored eggs bring a good mood

pink eggs

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the color sequence that follows the Catholic Church today, first introduced in 1198, when Pope Innocent III. the treatise De sacro altaris mysterio (The Mystery of the Holy Altar) was written. In this document, the Pope based the symbolism of colors on interpretations of colors and flowers from the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament. Also other Christian denominations spread today similar ideas, which are closely connected with the meaning of the colors of Easter.

Easter decoration in white for all fans of minimalism

Colors Easter decoration white

  • Meaning of the colors of Easter: how should one unravel these?

White is a symbol of purity that exists during all church festivals and symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ during the Easter season. White stands for light, innocence, purity, joy, triumph and glory.

After teaching the meaning of colors, red symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ at Easter

Meaning of the colors red

Otherwise, red is definitely the color of love

Meaning Colors Red

red symbolizes the blood of Christ and it is used most during the Pentecost, which falls on the fiftieth day after Easter and commemorates the descent of the Holy Ghost. Red carries a strong symbolic meaning, it is associated with blood, sacrifice, fire and martyrdom.

Purple is a saturated color that leaves no one indifferent

Meaning of Colors Purple symbolizes wealth prosperity

As the most important color during Lent, especially on Good Friday, means purple Suffering and suffering. It stands specifically for the suffering of Jesus during his 40 days in the desert. Purple therefore means repentance, humility and melancholy.

Pink colored eggs and real pink roses – pure romance!

Meaning of the colors pink

pink is a special color, which is worn only twice a year on the third Sunday of Advent and on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This delicate nuance stands for joy and love.

In the spring, everything is green and blooming, even the Easter eggs are green!

Cool deco ideas for Easter

After Easter is over, the priests wear green robes. green represents the hope of Christ’s resurrection and eternal life.

With such an Easter decoration nothing can go wrong at the festival

beautiful easter decoration colorful eggs a lot of yellow

yellow you associate with the sun. According to the meaning of the colors yellow stands for brightness and light. The color is very positively charged and also bring a lot of joy and a feeling of happiness.

From the dishes to the yellow daffodils, everything on this festive table symbolizes joy and new hope

Deco Easter ideas

Yellow are also colored many spring flowers , in the first place the daffodils, which are considered as harbingers of the new season. If you want to create a happy Easter decoration at home, you must definitely rely on this color.

With Easter bunnies and carrots, every Easter table decoration is perfect

Meaning of the colors Orange Easter Bunny

orange is also a popular color in the Easter decoration. The meaning of the colors teaches us that orange is associated with dawn. This color stands for a new beginning and hope. Is there anything better?

Orange combines well with yellow and both colors emit warmth and brightness.

Orange carrots decoration ideas

Carrots and tulips in orange! The most natural eye-catcher on the Easter table

Colors carrots tulips orange eye catching Easter table

Make a decoration of orange tulips and green in the shape of a big carrot and hang your work outside on the door or the fence!

Colors big carrot from tulips orange Easter decoration

When dyeing the Easter eggs you can use different shades of green

Importance of colors Easter eggs color green

… ..and realize your creative idea for the festive decoration Meaning of colors creative decoration ideas

Easter decoration in minimalist style with white eggs and yellow roses!

Colors Easter table decoration minimalist style white eggs yellow roses

A little bunny, beautifully decorated with spring flowers, welcomes guests at the front door!

Easter bunny decorated with spring flowers Entrance door

Yellow daffodils decorate the banquet table and attract everyone’s attention

Importance of colors yellow daffodils festive table eyecatching

You can also make small desserts in the typical colors of Easter

Importance of colors small desserts in typical Easter colors

Depending on the meaning of the colors, you can color the colorful eggs yourself

Importance of colors decorating easter eggs decorate

Great idea: green napkins can be folded in bunny shape!

Importance of colors folding green napkin in bunny shape

Tender pink is the dominant color in this Easter decoration and immediately reveals your love of romance

Tender pink preference for romance meaning of colors

Very appealing table decoration for Easter in delicate purple

Table decoration Easter idea in soft purple

Which color dominates in your Easter decoration, you decide!

Importance of colors Easter eggs dye Purple dominated

White represents the purity and grace of God

Meaning of color White Purity Grace of God

Typical symbols of Easter are the red eggs

Importance of colors red eggs typical symbols of Easter

Without red eggs and Easter cake, the festival can not start

Importance of the colors red Easter eggs. Easter cake

The Easter decoration can be simple, but stylish – in white!

Easter decoration in white very simple but stylish

Easter decoration in white for real purists

Easter decoration in white for purists

White eggs and white candles are also part of the Easter decorations

White eggs white candles meaning of colors

Pink is a popular color in the Easter decoration for indoors and outdoors

Pink popular color easter decoration meaning of colors

Now Easter can begin! Happy Easter!

Meaning of colors beautifully decorated festive table Happy Easter


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