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Metallic wall paint for a luxurious ambiance in your home

gold metallic colors

Cool metallic wall paint brings Glamour into your home

Nowadays, the metallic shades continue the tradition, with metal colors, luxurious to live.

The Metallic wall colors are based on water. Their refractive feature adds to the walls, variety, and wealth. With appropriate shades, furniture and accessories, give the Interior a silky – and rich effect. Let’s take a look at the impact.

Silk effect

metallic wall paint for the hallway

The metals still have an origin from the Stone Age. Gold and copper were the first metals used the most.

The metallic colors have a strong impact, so it is necessary to consider what kind of look your room wants to give. An adjacent wall in metal paint, with good lighting, animates the room. To emphasize the metallic effect, your interior should be in light or neutral colors.

Bright and neutral colors

modern metallic wall paint

The shimmering reeds of the wall paint bring an optical magnification and sanctity into the room. Dark metal shades have a lovely effect on human eyes as they are too intrusive.

Dark metal shades

great metallic wall paints

No matter how you intend to introduce the metallic wall paint, your walls should be in good shape. The metal effect will make any dent, scratches, and imperfections come out.

A living room with subtle metallic wall colors, plus a plasma TV in the same nuances, will definitely blow your guests away. Bring the sky into your bedroom through metallic star patterns.

Sparkling stars

matallic stars for the bedroom

How do you like this idea? Would you also do that in your home?

Wall paint like silk

bright wall paints with subtle metal effect

It also fits the bathroom

bathroom design with metallic colors

Does not that look classy?

bathroom in metalic colors

In the gold rush

gold metallic wall paint

Dark ambiance

dark metallic colors bathroom

Highlight the metal shimmer with the appropriate light

golden shimmer metallic wall paint

Optical magnification

gray matallic wall paint

Entrance area design

Metal colors for the entrance area

Metallic wall paints with graphic patterns

metalic wall paint effect

Great interior design

metallic wall paint for living room

For silver fans

metallic wall paint in silver

Silver squares

metallic wall paint with light

Metal paints for the staircase

metallic wall paints on the staircase

Wall color and chairs color coordinated

silk shimmer metallic wall paint

Abstract mural

Great metallic wall paint combination

gray wall paint with metallic effect

wall paint with metal effect

Forest mural in silver shimmer

Mural with metallic effect

Great wall color

Living with metallic wall paints

Luxuriously furnished

living room with málaga efects

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