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Metro tiles for bathroom or kitchen

Thoughtful and perfect in every detail? A classic style home is not for everyone. However, the new homeliness is inspired by industrial chic and creates an unusual but highly modern look. Urban Living, Used Look or Metro Elegance is now often talked about. Let’s take a look at the new trend! Maybe you too can discover new ideas for your home here.

The basis for the new furnishing and living style is provided by spacious, light-flooded loft apartments with high windows. But even smaller old-style apartments can optically benefit from the trend. However, before it comes to the actual set up, the basic requirements must be correct and a renovation must have taken place. You can bet on different materials. In addition to traditional wooden floors, concrete also plays an important role in Metro style. In the bathroom and kitchen area, however, it can be used in no time with the so-called Metro Tiles realize.

Metro tiles for a trendy ambience

the new metro tiles for the bathroom

This new look of the kitchen and bathroom tile exudes the hip urban flair and is the best proof that even unusual things can quickly become fashion. For lovers, some models of Metro tiles are true collector’s items and a synonym for a lifestyle full of liveliness. Individually placed in the kitchen, they are a real and above all decorative eye-catcher. In addition, their small-scale representatives can be used as a stylish trivet. These unusual uses make the Metro tile extra special.

Above all, their origin is unusual. As the name suggests, it is originally from the underground branched subway stations where life pulsates at rush hour. Their homelands are big cities like Paris, London or New York. Over time, and due to the visible trend towards retro style, the metro tile has now finally entered the private sphere.

metro tiles in different sizes and colors

Depending on the format and size, it can (significantly) determine the overall impression of the room. In its capacity as a kitchen tile, for example, this look provides the perfect setting for unconventional interiors. This is particularly well expressed when a kitchen is available – a common room, the center of the family, if you will. Such a room is for many the new living room – because you simply have the claim that the look is right. The Metro tile brings a wonderful mix depending on the model and color: casualness combined with a little industrial design, a touch of purism and, even that is possible, some desirable signs of use that are there to tell a story of their own. For some Metro tiles, chipped paint is the model for the most beautiful, unconventional structures.

As a sturdy porcelain stoneware or ceramic production, the Metro tile also brings many practical advantages. It is robust, extremely easy-care, water-repellent and hygienic. Tomato splashes make her just as little as grease stains.

combine red and gray metro tiles

These diverse optical and practical features are just as effective in the bathroom area. Here, too, the metro tile offers a good, but above all extraordinary, wall cladding! If the bathroom is very small, you can experiment with discreet designs. Sometimes the mix just has to be tuned. But if there is enough space, this bathroom tile can be laid quietly nationwide. Whether around the washbasin, in the shower cubicle or in the bathtub area – Metro tiles are a real gem for every bathroom with individual charm. They wrap the room in a very special atmosphere, which does not quite correspond to the typical konkonartigen coziness. Cool but not cold, straightforward but not strict, industrially but somehow also comfortable – that’s the best way to describe a bathroom with metro tiles. Because the style of the plates is so simple, it also fits to many bathroom accessories and can also break other trends interesting. Just give it a try. You will be surprised how naturally the metro tile brings the charm of old industrial buildings and subway shafts, which falls in love with beauty defects, into your own four walls!

metro tiles in wood optics

set up bath with metro tiles

tiling ideas for the bathroom

metro tiles around the bathtub

modern metro tiles for the bathroom

bright metro tiles for the bathroom

a great tile combination for the bathroom

bathroom tiles in brown

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wood tiles for the bathroom

set up bathroom with contemporary bathroom tiles

black metro tiles for the kitchen

Tile combinations for the apartment

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modern furniture for the bathroom

Bathroom furniture with metro tiles

a modern ambience for the bathroom

bathroom set up nicely


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