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Minimalist cuisine goes down in history!

Modern style in the classic

Located in the parish hall in Germany, this one minimalist kitchen Add a modern touch to this historic space, along with the unique stained glass, in gothic arches of the old building.

A minimalist kitchen with a modern purple design

minimalist kitchen contrast colors wood purple cabinet white

This small kitchen is the collaboration of a photographer, two designers and a cabinet company. The kitchen is a project of two friends – Udo Knake and Hartmuth Klemme. Knake is the owner of the furniture factory Werner Knake (founded in 1914). Klemme is a photographer in whose studio, in Herford, Germany, the kitchen was installed.

Arno Honvehlmann supports both men in the design.

Kitchen with classic white cabinets and brown walls

minimalist kitchen contrasting colors wood

“We wanted contrast colors,” says Udo Knake. The designers achieved this purpose through color and style choice. The dark wood panels do contrast with the white walls and cabinets. Compared to the Gothic windows are the cabinets with minimalist design ,

A minimalist kitchen with a gray design

minimalist kitchen plate gray cupboard

The satined creamy white cabinets have walnut frames. The matte finish allows the wood to retain its natural appearance.

For the wooden parts, Knake adds something special: To maintain the raw beauty of the original wood, he adds slate dust as a natural pigment.

minimalist kitchen wood plate2

The kitchen island has an electric induction hob with many drawers for storing pots, pans and dishes.

minimalist kitchen plate dark brown

The cream white cabinets and walnut veneer panels serve as a soft, warm contrast to the white walls of the historic building, while maintaining the simplicity of the room.

minimalist kitchen plate bright books

The triangular design provides a highly functional workplace while maintaining the simplicity of the overall design. A thin stainless steel hood provides adequate ventilation.

minimalist kitchen contrasting colors


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