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Minimalist ideas for your home

The trends for 2019 that are geared to minimalism

Do you want to enhance your interior or garden design with some modern furniture? Then you should focus on minimalism, because in 2019 he is back in fashion. And he comes back in his purest form, which corresponds to the motto “less is more”. The following furniture is a modern interpretation of this trend, which ensures your comfort, but also eliminates boredom.

Minimalism means: “less is more”

Interior Design Solid wood bookcase

Dining table with organic shape

Spice up your minimalist dining room with a dining table with organic design. This ensures a touch of nature and warmth. Thus, even the most modern kitchen easily fulfills its traditional function as the space that brings the whole family together.

Now, when you start cooking, you can design other elements in organic shapes. There are no limitations: organic design works well for everything – from the desktop to the chairs. We want to prove that right away!

Be minimalist with a traditional dining table

Interior Design Solid Wood Dining Table Natural Stones

leather chair

Make a statement with a minimalist chair. Look for a model with clean lines and a very interesting design. Put on the beautiful texture – best artificial leather. Combine with a decorative pillow. First, the chair looks interesting and you can use it as a storage area.

Synthetic leather with clean lines is the perfect combination

Interior design leather chair imitation leather

Elegant and comfortable sofa

2019 is the perfect opportunity to furnish your living room with your minimalist sofa. The good thing is – you do not have to throw away the old sofa. A minimalist sofa is ideal and looks good next to an old piece of furniture.

The minimalist sofa requires taste and a lot of professionalism in the preparation. So the models look expensive, even if you have not spent much on it. So you see this sofa as an opportunity to take your design to a higher level.

The old sofa is part of the minimalist design

Interior Design Old Sofa

A universal shelf wall

A minimalist shelf wall would be another successful addition this year. It should ideally be at ceiling height, especially in small apartments where fragmentation is undesirable. Modern is the combined use for different purposes, for example, you can store there books and decorative items.

Design a combined use of the shelf wall

Interior design bookshelf decoration

Modern solid wood furniture for the garden

Let’s take a look at the garden. The seating and loungers made of solid wood or other modern materials are very popular here. Metallic nuances and attractive colors are a very good choice.

Solid wood is a great choice for your garden

Interior design gardening ideas

The old sofas are still up to date

Interior Design-Old Sofas

Design a bookshelf with modern decoration

Interior Design Bookcase Interior Smart

Interior Design Bookshelf Interior Smart Ideas

The faux leather chair should be with clean lines

Interior design leather chair

Garden design: pallets also provide a minimalist look

Interior design garden design palette ideas

A perfect example of solid wood decor

Interior Design Dining Table Solid Wood

Interior design dining table Dining room Solid wood

Organic design works well with the desktop

Interior Organic Design Work Surface

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