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Minimalist kitchen ideas that are not boring

Minimalist kitchen ideas that are not boring

While the minimalist interior has a reputation for being simple and elegant, it can sometimes feel impersonal or need something “different”, especially when it comes to kitchen furnishings. If you’re a fan of a minimalist kitchen but in desperate need of a makeover, here are a few minimalist kitchen ideas that are anything but boring.

Pops of blue

Minimalistische Küchenideen, die nicht langweilig sind
Simple but beautiful and cheerful is one of the best ways to describe a minimalist kitchen with a touch of blue. The use of blue stools works perfectly as it gives you the ability to swap them if you want to use a different color, and it brings all the decor together.

Blue is one of the most versatile colors to work with because it blends well with many different decor colors including neutral colors. Add a pop of color to make the room more intimate. It also adds texture to where you want it most. We recommend this with an accent chair or accent stool.


Minimalistische Küchenideen, die nicht langweilig sind
Marble is perfect for upgrading a minimalist decor. The natural grain of the marble gives the room texture and beauty while being minimal and subtle. Maintain color as easy as possible to give the marble the spotlight it deserves.

Marble is the perfect solution for those who want to maintain a white kitchen, but want a touch of texture in the finest form. The idea is to get the crisp aspect that white is the main color of the kitchen, while marbling still has a touch of subtle color.

kitchen island

Minimalistische Küchenideen, die nicht langweilig sind
If you can not decide what color or material your cooking island should have, you should combine two materials. Or you can use a blonde wooden kitchen island and represent the natural beauty instead of painting it. This will create a trendy upscale decor space.

Invest in a large kitchen island for this simple touch that makes a great statement. You can choose to keep your island the same color as the rest of your decor, or you can consider a vivid hue to lighten the space effortlessly instead.

Complicated lighting

Minimalistische Küchenideen, die nicht langweilig sind
In a minimalist space, a great statement light is always a great idea. Consider a large piece that makes the room appear larger and even more together. It’s also a great way to add elegance without incorporating other decorative elements.

Minimalist decor is essentially a way to make the room shine brighter than any decor would do for great lighting to take place. Is there a better way to have great lighting than a complicated light that brings the room to life?

Dark walls

Minimalistische Küchenideen, die nicht langweilig sind
Dark walls combined with dark furniture are an excellent way to add a mysterious atmosphere to your kitchen. There is something very “cool” about showing a darker color in the kitchen. The main reason to be the kitchen is one of the areas that everyone loves to see in a bright color, so it is totally unexpected when it is rich and dark.

Paint your kitchen walls, a dark shade is excellent if you want to add an edgy touch to the environment. Instead of adding dark shades as decor, you should bring the dark shades directly into the room with darker, richer walls. Consider using navy, red or black for the ultimate contrast.

Farmhouse accents

Minimalistische Küchenideen, die nicht langweilig sind
Farmhouse accents are unique because of the welcoming atmosphere they give. There is something very warm and cozy about them, which allows them to easily work in all areas of the house, especially in the kitchen area. Add several different wood accents to really show off this chic decor trend.

Farmhouse decor is here to stay. Add villa accents for that trendy feel that will not take away from the decoration you already have. Just add peasant accents to complete the look and provide a cozy ambience for which farms are known.

Sweet Metallics

Minimalistische Küchenideen, die nicht langweilig sind
Do you really want to redesign your facility and bring it all together? If so, just add rose gold. The feminine metallic hue is perfect for reshaping a room that lacks a touch of metal that enhances your current décor.

Metallic is an excellent addition to any kitchen, especially if you work with a minimalist space. Use Metallics in the kitchen for a complex touch, use shades of pink undertones like rose gold for a soft, feminine touch and silver or bronze undertones for an edgier feel that only flows naturally.

Blond wood

Minimalistische Küchenideen, die nicht langweilig sind
Blond wood does not always get all the credit it deserves. The color is not only beautiful, but it works well if you want to keep your interior to a minimum, but still want to have wooden features in the kitchen. Add blonde wooden stools , kitchen island and decorative pieces for a coherent look.

Use a blond wood as a complementary shade that lightens the room. The lighter the wood, the softer the decor appears. The key is to work with the softer wood to have a rustic feel that is still fresh, without having those deep coziness for which a rustic home is known.

Smooth and glam

Minimalistische Küchenideen, die nicht langweilig sind
An elegant and glamorous decor will bring the room back to life with an undeniable sense of chic. In this case, consider using a rounded kitchen island for a more intimate feel that is also unique. Combine it with elegant bar stools for the perfect pairing.

Sleek is one of the many benefits of a minimalist kitchen decor, so the simplicity of being minimal can work in your favor. Keep the space smooth and give it a glamorous touch by setting dark accents. The dark, almost black accents bring a hint of glamor, which is still edged.

Add a small table

Minimalistische Küchenideen, die nicht langweilig sind
If you already have a minimal kitchen filled with dark shades, then you should use a light wooden table as part of the decor. This will not only degrade the darker colors , but will also produce an irresistible charm of the farmhouse.

Sometimes small kitchens may feel a bit empty. With that said, add a small table with a few chairs or a breakfast room that is simple, but makes sense. If you do, add that family atmosphere that brings your facility together.

Add a little extra to your minimalist kitchen to create a great effect that still makes sense to the room. Which of these will you add to your home? Please let us know in the comments below.


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