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Countertop washbasin for a modern and stylish bathroom

Are you looking for a stylish and modern bathroom? Opt for a countertop washbasin! Here you can find out all about its positive and negative sides, and also find some great design ideas to draw inspiration from for your own bathroom. We hope you enjoy reading!

Countertop washbasins – elegant designs for the bathroom

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As you probably already know, a countertop washbasin is called a basin that stands on a surface and is not hung on the wall or integrated into the base unit. The variety of models on the market is enormous. The freestanding sinks come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials – ceramic, natural stone, glass, stainless steel, and even acrylic. Which variant you choose depends on your personal preferences and the design of your bathroom. There are just as many possibilities for the construction on which the basin stands. You can either opt for a simple plate integrated in a wall niche, or choose a magnificent vintage chest of drawers. Actually, the most important thing is that there is enough space for the piping. The countertop washbasins not only offer numerous design options, but are also much more stable than the basins that hang on the wall. And look very stylish and original!

Free-standing washbasins: advantages and disadvantages

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One of the disadvantages of the freestanding washbasin is the fact that it takes a little longer to clean compared to the classic models. In addition, a countertop washbasin is very impractical for the kitchen. A built-in basin is actually the best option for this room. In addition, the splashes can permanently damage the wooden panel , especially if it is not well sealed. These types of sinks also don’t have overflow protection and are a bit more expensive than traditional wall-mounted sinks.

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